X1800 with Dj Software Traktor pro 2

ok, my setup is MC6000 MK1 with Wndows 10 x64 laptop and Traktor Pro 2 software.

So, cannot find this anwer but if i understood it correct I can connect my laptop via USB cable (A–>B) with this mixer and can use Traktor pro 2 just like I did on the MC6000 MK1.? just adjust the (hardware) sound settings in Traktor Pro 2.?

Or…do i have to install Engine Prime on laptop and use this software?

if so…deff going to sell my 2 x Sl1200 for 1 x1800 and 1x sc5000

Despite the Prime series having more than enough professing power and features to work standalone, meaning that DJ software isn’t needed, the DJ software companies have been working with Denon DJ, toward the connectivity goal.

Watch this space (the forum)

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Yes, but how do you plan on controling the Traktor decks? X1800 will work as a sound output interface but SC5000 is not yet working as a competing product with Traktor software (regarding HID mode).

think i have to learn how to control with shortcuts and keyboard:grin: hmm no but seriously…good one…just think I want this 2 units too early and want to upgrade my current setup…cannot buy them both at the same time…so I have to buy them 1 by 1…and I dont want to re-order/import or re-cuepoint all my track at this moment…so was thinking of buying the mixer first and still can use my laptop with my music…without the MC6…but your correct…how am i going to controlling the decks…cue/set new cue etc etc…things I’m used to when on the MC6… buying the SC5000 first is a better option. thanks…

If you have X1’s OR F1’s, you should be able to rock Traktor with the X1800

I was asking the OP how he plans to control Traktor deck since he didn’t mention any additional midi controller.

SLAY-That would be great! I currently rock on a Kontrol Z2 mixer and I use 2 Kontrol X1 MK2’s that mirror my Z2 and how I play. If I can get Traktor Scratch Pro Configured with My X1’S with the X1800, I am going to purchase the mixer!

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Scratch works only with certified mixers.

Don’t see why X1800 is the mixer of your choice (unless you need compatibility with Sierra OS)

Timecode control works only with certified mixers/interfaces. Everything else on TP/TSP works on any mixer/interface.

That’s what I meant - Timecode only with Certified Mixers. The last denon Mixer which was certified for Traktor scratch was the x1600 and its not supporterd under OS X sierra. Btw the Traktor Kontrol z2 is great - we have one at our local radio station.

Yeah, I wasn’t sure what you meant, there’s still a lot of confusion among new users of what “traktor certified” means and whan differences between TP/TSP are so it makes sense to repeat some things, no hard feelings :wink: I would also recommend X1600 to user Rardron as a better companion to TP/TSP thanks to it midi implementation/layers/buttons/TSP certification. Only obstacle is the discontinued support if he’s using macOS.

I tend to agree - the Prime series’ main catch is their extreme standalone playability. I forget that I have Traktor on my computer lately. I kept my old Z2 with my Technics for the “old school” sessions, with the added possiblity of running Traktor, but I tend to use the X1800/Sc5000 players for dj’ing almost exclusively. The Technics setup I just use to scratch old, weird vinyl.