X1800 USB into laptop audio lagging

Hi i have been trying to connect my mixer into my laptop via the USB… But what i’m finding when i play back the audio is that it sounds like someone is speeding up and slowing down the track… I will in future be trying to live stream my mixes via OSB but my Lenovo laptop seems to be struggling to cope with the input from the X1800. Its frustrating… any help would be appreciated.


Hi @TY993R, welcome to the forum.

Probably because of bitrate. Do you experience this when recording? The bitrate needs to be the same between mixer and computer application.

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Reese is right afaik.

Give the laptop as much of a holiday as possible, it’s the weak link, and set the mixer system settings to as low a bit rate as the mixer can drop to.

The mixer will obviously cope with any bitrate setting it offers, but laptops trying to play catch-up will struggle , giving the results like you mentioned

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