X1800 usb audio interface inputs

Is it possible to use usb inputs on the x1800? How can I plug in an external device, into usb channel 1 for example?

I believe it must be a class-compliant computer USB for DirectSound, ASIO, WASAPI, or Apple’s CoreAudio and seems to require the InMusic drivers for the X1800. There are two USB type B ports on the upper right corner of the front face. Obviously, you also have the analog and digital inputs, too.

Thanks for your reply. A little more info. I am using an app called Loopy pro. The app can see all the in’s and outs but I can not get audio from 1 of the line in channels to usb channel 1. I don’t even know if it designed to work that way?

Try to turn on the broadcast mode in the mixer.

The x1800 should have that as well or it is 1850 exclusive?!

How have you connected everything?

Ok, I try it out later. I have the x1850 actually, I have an audio input into the rca line in on channel 1 of the mixer.

Both have broadcast mode, but that only makes it so the mixers can send outputs on the mixer output channels 1 & 2. If you’re trying to send from the computer to the mixer inputs on USB, then broadcast mode makes no difference.

Check your computer and application sample rates and the sample rates of your mixer in advanced audio settings.

You should also be able to test the x18xx USB inputs from your computer’s OS. In Windows you can do a little stereo chime thing in each stereo channel.