X1800 to X1850 specs

By viewing the YouTube vid, the only difference e that I can see is the quantized 16 effects. Are we, the X1800 users going to h ave an update to add the extra effects?

I’m going to “go out on a limb” and say, no. Purely based on Denon’s previous behavior.

Oh, that’s terrible. I’m not saying that fx aren’t good but they should just do regular updates.

I hope I’m wrong and nothing has been stated about it yet, so…

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Here are the differences


There’s nothing wrong with the converters, though. Doesn’t make sense.

I suspect the circuitry comment is related to a potential fault that can occur on the X1800’s bottom circuit board with the grounding. There’s a video on youtube where someone shows you how to do an easy mod to prevent problems, but some people like myself seem to be lucky.

I’m curious if the power supply or clock have been improved, or the TI processors updated to more powerful models to do more sophisticated sample rate conversion and effects. If on the audio quality side all they did is prevent the bottom circuit board ground fault from ever happening and moved to slightly-higher model number AKMs from the current ones just for the heck of it, then for most people that’d mean both mixers would sound identical with the effects off going digital in to digital out.

I’m actually surprised of course they’re doing any hardware updates like this at all so soon, but if they are, it’s odd that the master meter is still short, the pan is still a knob above it rather than in the menu, booth hasn’t been moved down lower, resonance hasn’t been made the current booth knob spot, the split switch is still flush with the surface, there’s no removable upfader plate, faders are still short, and those bpm FX lights are too big, poorly positioned, and lighting them all up to show master selected misleadingly appears to show pre-fader FX assignment.