X1800 send/return help

Pioneer RMX plugged into send/return with 1/4 cables. Getting signal to RMX but no EFX over speakers. changed settings in X1800 utility FX to -10 to match RMX but nothing.

When i changed setting on RMX to Master and ran rica from X1800 master out to RMX and plugged speaker into RMX it works so there is a setting in the mixer somewhere that is not right.

Thanks for any help you guys.

Pioneer RMX units work correctly only with fully wet send/return loops. Even if you set it right it will not be fully functional. Older EFX units work better on Denon, A&H and Rane units.

Regarding your setting, have you switched the mixers fx selector to send/return option and selected what channel is being send?

There is a known issue with the RMX500 and RMX1000 and non-pioneer mixers. Something with the dry/wet level.

I use the send/return loop on the x1800 regularly (for both samping and external fx chain) without issue. Test your mixer using a different fx processor?

ok so i got it working but its only working on sending me efx from the RMX. (hat, snare, clap) and it will send those into my mixer while the music is playing. I know I’m sending a signal from my music i can see it on the RMX and the BPM is clocking it. But i cannot get the RMX to work with what im sending to it. It will not add efx to my music.