X1800 Prime fader behaviour

I have a problem with the faders of the x1800. It no longer gives any volume on all channels at all, just from the last stripe of the faders.

I’ve made a video of this problem but I can’t upload this video here.

I have already done a factory reset. I have the X1800 since 3 days and did not have this problem yesterday. What is going on?

What do mean by “last stripe of fader” ?

Do you mean only fader 4 is working? Or do you mean that where the 4 channel faders have graphic “stripes” printed beside each fader you only get control of the sound if the fader is near the very end of its travel/slide?

Check crossfader assignment settings and also check the rotary controls for channel fader curve

thank you! Haha…thats stupid! My daughter had turn on the crossfader assignment knobs and I didn’t know while I’m playing. I never use that knobs so I didn’t look to that…stupid. That was the problem… There was even no problem! Sorry for that! I think I need to keep away my little girl from my players :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick answer! Good service :wink: