X1800 + NI Traktor DVS

I had some time to kill last night before bed, so I ran the X1800 with Traktor utilizing DVS. The mixer performed superbly. There were no drop outs, cpu spikes, or issues with recording.


Yes no issues here also when testing with both Traktor and Serato DVS.

But - mixer is unable to receive midi clock from Traktor (mixer fx synced to traktor clock). No midi input over usb is possible.

That was possible with older denon mixers.

True, but I have not had any issues with the BPM timed FX when playing DNB and Jungle on Vinyl, nor did I have any issues with tempo matched FX when utilizing Traktor. The BPM counter on the mixer works (better than the one in Engine Prime Software sadly).

Hey! Nice to read that it is possible to use x1800 with Traktor DVS. I can’t get it to work. How did you set it up? Can’t find any info online or any video either on how to get it working.


Hello @TheFonkyLovers, To run traktor dvs You need to have Traktor pro 3 and original Traktor Timecode. Then just set it up like usually You would - set mixer input selectors to dvs, assign the proper mixer channels to decks inputs in Traktor. Assign outputs also to proper mixer channels (set the external mixing - more convenient in this situation). Run original traktor time code (vinyl, cd or mp3) to Your mixer and check the input of the timecode in traktor. Set up traktor decks to scratch control and switch to absolute or relative mode. And have fun :slight_smile:

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good morning. I am desperate that you will not get me to operate my x1800 with traktor 3 and dvs. Can you help me with the configuration? many thanks

The post above yours explains it.

Are you having any specific issues with your set up?

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Hi. Would you be able to help out by providing exact input/output routings?

I have 1200s connected to phono in channels 2 & 3 on an X1850 (I assume setup would be the same as with an X1800). I’ve tried setting these channels to DVS, line, phono, USB.

I’ve tried a bunch of different combinations of input/output routings, and everything that I could grasp from NoiseRiser’s reply (he/she doesn’t specify deck inputs/outputs), but nothing works.

I’m using Traktor Pro 3 on a Macbook Pro with Mojave. Can’t find any solutions online.

Your help would be SO MUCH appreciated.

your inputs and outputs will be the same on each deck. Mixer channel needs to be set to dvs.

On the mixer itself, go to the utility menu, then to advanced audio settings, then dvs setup, and ensure your channels are set to phono.

Hi I have 2 cdj900 + denon x1800 How do u record in traktor pro 3 via the mixer dvs option ? I am having an hard time setting this up Thanks