X1800 mixer not booting

My X1800 stopped booting today no lights except the for the LAN. All 4 ports blink both lights repeatedly until I power the unit off. No button combinations work (put the unit in update mode) and nothing displays in the screen. The PC does not acknowledge the device is plugged in either. Anyone know what the problem is?

Please reach out directly to our support channel for further assistance. Thanks!


Thanks for the reply. I had filed a ticket for this issue as well and someone got back to me with a list of repair shops. I have sent the unit to Audio Design & Service in Burbank and hopefully they will be able to sort it out for me. Just a guess, but I would lean towards a power supply going bad as there are a couple of lights that briefly start to light up like it is going to do the start up light show, but before they even have a chance to get bright enough everything goes dark and the LAN lights start blinking. It almost seems intentional as to point to the potential problem, do the LAN lights blinking at startup mean anything specific?

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You’re in good hands with ADS!