X1800 Mixer Feature Requests

What do you guys would like to see on the mixer?

First things that comes in my mind:

  • Internal Oscillator in Utility Menu (for test purposes) with routing options, Level, Frequency, Pink Noise / Sine Wave
  • Security settings with Users/Access Profiles (for sound engeneers / club owners to avoid DJ’s to change limiter settings w/o password/pincode etc…)
  • A way to Load a Profile with utility preferences made in Engine Prime (just like profiles are used for SC5000 now)
  • Microphone Cue by press and hold ON button (seperate for 1 and 2), LED could blink to indicate CUE status
  • Utility menu -> Microphone -> Setting for SPLIT CUE MASTER receive ON/OFF
  • Utility menu -> Microphone -> Booth Receive: Separate/Split setting for Booth Outputs and Record Outputs, so a set can be played without Mic in the booth, but mix can be Recorded with MC.
  • System -> Info: Option to give a name to the mixer, option to give IP trough DHCP or MANUAL
  • Screen brightness / Led Brightness
  • a nice Vocal Hall effect in BPM FX for microphone (to sing live)
  • Booth out delay / Master out delay

I second this.

The list is pretty doable because of the nature of the mixer.

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I am a new user of SC5000 and X1800 products. After using them I have come to a lesser imperfection, it is a function that allows the microphone to be monitored by means of earphones. It would be great if this operation was available and could be switched off and switched on in the utility. I’m used to playing without an active monitor (stage monitor). Certainly, many users, as well as future, would welcome this opportunity. I apologize for my imperfect English.

That’s actually a fantastic idea, definitely convenient for speaker calibration/SPL metering.

This is a feature Request . It would be very nice to set an EQ on the Booth-Out , may be the is possible by Software update. Not that important but nice to have :wink:

Pitch and Spiral FX like Pioneer devices!


I’d put adjustable headphone delay and headphone EQ as pretty high on my list of wish features for the X1800. Any decent sound system should have the ability to adjust the timing of the master and booth, anyway. Putting a stereo DSP between the headphone jack and your headphones when the mixer already is a DSP, however, is a bit of a hassle.

Also, while the noise and test waveform generator on the mixer idea isn’t so bad, it’s very easy to just put some test waveforms in a folder that says “test waveforms” on your music drive. Any sound engineer should already be doing that.

I definitely want an owner settings lockout, though, at least for things like the limiter and output levels pads. Agree with that one.

Sometimes I think the volume of the individual headphone sides are a little too loud when in Split mode, though not as bad as on the MP2015. I do like the slight dip in the cue/master blend knob when in the center… similar to the X1700.

Way down on the priority list, but maybe an option for Split to bypass the cue/master blend knob.

You have cue solo side selection on v1.1.1. You read my mind; I’m messing with a bunch of cables and IEMs for that purpose! I think an option that’s just called “Side” would make it even better. So under that option you’d have L, R, and Side to choose from. It would put the cue on the side based on the cue button or player. So with Side selected, left deck with channel 1 & 2 would be left cue side with master on right while channel 3 & 4 would be right cue side and master on the left. While having Left/Right open in the utility all the time and switching it with the rheostat encoder knob would work, I tend to leave that open to the filter resonance usually instead.

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Just a thought and not particularly important… A crude vocal remover effect (center image midrange band cut?) that is adjustable in band and/or mid-side width choice, etc. Obviously would have been best as a per-channel effect or as an option for the midrange EQ band under utility/settings (in-phase only Y/N?), but if it is possible and an attempt is made, the main effects assign would be appreciated and better than nothing. Thanks.

And: Pan Effect… thanks :hugs:

How would it be different from twisting the pan knob?

it doesnt record it, the pan knob is only for master out, e.g not for spdif/digital oit with i stream with like for shoutcast radio… or not ??? :slight_smile:

edit: btw i mean a effect based pan … not manual! like on x1500 :wink:

Maybe there’s a way to just make the pan knob pre “record” outs.

Haha really not thought through idea. The first halfs of the idea sounds right / about delaying in the headphones so that sounds from big club speaker a long long ways away reaches you late and the headphone sound reaches you late too BUT the idea then becomes of no uses. Because as soon as you try to beat mix a track or move the platter or press start or a hot Cues your action is live (no delays) but you are pressing the buttons late because your ears are hearing delay sound through the delayed headphones.

No impliment for sure!

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I use headphone delaying with spread-out sound systems and with Danley Labsubs, which are curved, folded horn (think seashells) inside that require the tops be delayed to match the subs’ acoustic delay… meaning the external “master” system is delay significantly. We’re talking milliseconds here, in the realm of what people deal with using DVS and laptop DJ software. That sort of latency for triggering hot cues or scratching is mostly inconsequential, as evidenced by the ubiquity of DVS for turntablism, but it is significant if we’re talking about sound being in-phase when it arrives at your ears when beat matching manually. Hence the reason I mentioned the ability to delay the master or booth (or subs for that matter) is something DSP-based large sound systems already have universally. The ability to delay the headphones to match these, however, is what I’m talking about as a desirable X1800 feature, which does make a difference, doesn’t produce much of the problem you’re talking about, and I have actually used it in systems by putting a DSP between the headphone jack and the headphones (usually with an external headphone amp between this DSP and headphones for obvious reasons). So I’m speaking from experience here.

The X1800 is a firmware-update-able DSP inside. Considering complicated DSP-based sound systems setups already have the ability to delay the sound system (and already should be regardless of when you walk in with a Prime Setup… not the DJ’s job to mess with the club system), the headphones coming out of your mixer could still potentially need some delay, too, in order to get the arrival times to match. This also reduces the need to blast booth cabs excessively over the mains, as they can simply instead be loud enough to act as fills for the DJ and nothing more when the headphones are also exactly delayed and in-phase with both booths and mains. So this is definitely useful. It’s not a deal breaker that the X1800 doesn’t have it, as neither does any other mixer yet, but it would certainly be used by some and be a true first. Denon has some “revolutionary” wording in their marketing, and this would be consistent with that.

With your every post like an essay to make it look interesting and factual, I’ll just keep it short and only to this one reply.

Delay on your headphone is useless and nonsense. Normal engineers will give you a feed in the booth that hasn’t got any delay. You don’t mix with the audio from the sound system in the room/venue/festival.

Furthermore, I don’t need to mention that DSP and delays in a sound system are for the engineer to be used (to make the audio spectrum focused on the front of house / to regulate the amplification between frequencies and different positions in the room / meet audio level permits at certain points… bla bla bla)


I think I already addressed the first quoted paragraph by anticipating your comment about the booth speakers, as well as why I’m recommending the optional, adjustable headphone delay on the X1800. I’ll let my prior comments stand on their own. Obviously in a situation where you have non-delayed, near-field booths blasting sufficiently over the main sound system, a delayed headphone is not necessary.

I assume the second paragraph I quoted is you responding to the OP, since I already addressed why I don’t agree with putting an optional delay on the booth and master (I assume you read my comment) as those are part of the house setup and not the front-end or guest DJ’s job. I’m bringing up the headphone delay option in this thread because the OP mentioned wanting booth and master delay. As I’ve stated, I am not entirely against the idea of a delay somewhere on the X1800.

Congratulation - I agree with you fully100%

Of course digital delays units could be added in-lines all over a sound system but if the DJ is hearing a delayed sounds in his ears he would need too a digital delay on his hands and fingers so that’s every button he presses has delays of the same milliseconds as the sounds he’s mixing into in his ears.

Idea only thought through halfway. Impractical in use.

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Sorry, but that’s 100% wrong.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. The idea won’t work, due to basic physics. If the DJ is hearing a delayed sound in their headphones, they’d have to make their actions on the controls delayed to match the beats. The mixer could, I suppose, add a delay to whichever channel is being cued, thereby delaying the DJs outgoing actions but then that sound in-turn is delayed by the distant speakers sound then travelling back to the DJ. It then becomes a total mess.

The solution to distant speaker sound delays for Live performers, be they musicians, singer or DJs has been a nice set of very close by monitor speakers, personal in-ear monitors/headphones and split-cue.

No amount of bandwidth wasting paragraphs or referencing dusty two decade old owned kit will make a bucket with a very big hole in it, hold any water.