X1800 lcd screens burned-in

Hello all, I love my X1800 mixer; just one thing, both small LCD screens are burned-in. It there any way to fix this or replace them that you know of? Any help or tips would really be appreciated! Thanks!

Can you post a picture? The screens are OLED, so theoretically it is possible for them to burn-in.


I had the same and contacted support to get them replaced.

If you look closely, you can see the first effect ‘echo’ through the other effect names.

On my end it wasn’t even readable in a normal fashion. The pictures were even better than the real deal.

Contact hardware support and go from there. On the forum we cannot resolve this.

How do I contact hardware support in Europe (Netherlands)?

Gewoon direct naar Duitsland bellen. :wink:

Just call DenonDJ support in Germany (Ratingen).

I’ve seen a few x1800’s like this now. Seems a common problem along with the cue buttons breaking and crackling faders.

Called them but they advised me to call Denon UK because Germany does not cover European support and UK should (even after Brexit :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) Called the UK number but nobody answering there. Will try again tomorrow.

Oh okay. Let us know how that goes. Brexit is no issue, it’s still on this Earth.

Seems strange. Surely Denon/In Music must have an EU support headquarters?

I don’t believe for one minute it’s the one in the UK. And if it is, then surely they won’t send and return units for repair from there because of all the customs taxes involved, it just doesn’t make sense.

Of course! Brexit = the UK leaving the ‘European Union’ for trade and law. Nothing to do with the continent of Europe. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hats off for the Brits. :+1:t2:

HQ of Unilever has moved from my country to the UK as well. Borders are no issue. Certainly for multi-nationals. The media might tell us that, but it isn’t.

Anyways, the UK office has always been a primary DenonDJ location. I just thought the repair would be done in Germany. :relieved:

Yes me too. And if it is not then I hope Denon cover the import duty in and out UK/Netherlands otherwise it’s going to be a very expensive fix.

Yeah this is deffo a common problem, luckily I had a friend who told me to turn the screen brightness all the way down when I first got mine and I have not had the problem so would advice people to do that.

Have sent Denon UK an email with al info. Will keep you informed.


All very well until you’re in a well lit venue, and you need to start turning the brightness back up …

Maybe each time the mixer is turned on it should invert the display so half the time it’s white letters on a black background and the other half of the time it’s black letters on a white background.

If “power on” isn’t a good trigger for inverting then display then how about using “channel cue button.being pressed” as a trigger to invert.

I suppose you could have “invert on the beat” but that’s going to annoy 50% of the people and delight 50% of them.

Yes, but this is an OLED screen. So there is always the chance of a burn-in. The screen on the DJM-V10 seems to be an OLED as well, so Pioneer must be pretty sure it wouldn’t burn-in after a few years.


Yup, oled is prone to burn-in, that’s why A&H digital mixers (DB2/4) have a screensaver :+1: