X1800 FX values analyze incorrectly

Hello again- here I have another issue with the x1800 mixer. None of the FX seem to analyze the track BPMs correctly. This is proven through the fact that the Denon 5000’s and the x1800 FX values do not match up. This happens when the engine prime connectivity is on and occurs 100% of the time, regardless of which FX I use. Obviously I’ve been using tap to get them accurate, but I have finally had time to video record and post this issue.

Mixer: version 1.3 5000’s: versions 1.4.1

Please let me know what steps I can take to fix this issue. Thank you!

@djbertie I think this is related to my reply on https://community.enginedj.com/t/x1800-does-not-save-cue-color-settings/

As of right now it looks to be good, thank you!

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