X1800 FX demo videos

Hey Denon, is there a proper video demo of the effects? I did not find anything on youtube.

And what happened to the filter resonance knob from the pre-production model (as seen here)? The renders on denondj.com show a booth level knob instead…

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Yes there are no dedicated videos out yet, but expect plenty coming soon. I’ll be doing one myself at some point as it’s what I’m looking forward to the most !

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Cool, can’t wait :+1:

Can you tell us how the filter resonance is controlled?

i believe that is now controlled through the menu - it no longer has a dedicated rotary

I’d rather not have a pan for the master but a dedicated resonance control. But that’s just personal taste.

Filter resonance will be adjusted via the OLED screen & internal Utility menu - the original prototype (shown in the DJ Worx image) was changed and improved and the Filter resonance knob is now the ‘Booth’ gain control.

An X1800 Prime feature presentation video (including showing FX usage) should be arriving around end of March hopefully :ok_hand:


I gotta say, that’s not what I would describe as a improvement. If for nothing else, it’s counterintuitive. Now your booth volume control has a bigger knob then the master one. If something belongs in the Utility menu it’s the pan control. I could see myself adjusting the filter resonance quite often depending on the track I’m playing.

Also, tell us more about FX frequency adjusting via a knob. It’s a different approach then the usual one (3 buttons for hi/mid/low bands). How would I select to apply a FX to only hi and low bands of the track I’m playing with a knob control?

While the omission of a dedicated, physical filter resonance control is a slight downer, it’s by no means a dealbreaker. Personally, I rarely (if ever) adjust the fitler resonance on my DJM-NXS2 because high resonance + low-pass filtering creates that hollow, sharp timbre. While this can be helpful on analog synths when designing patches for individual sounds (example: squelching Moog mid-bass or FM simulated bell-ish tones), the result when applied to an entire song can be extremely harsh on the ears–and output levels. On the bright side, Denon seems to be forward-thinking with developing solutions, so perhaps they will offer an option in a firmware update where the resonance can be knob-controlled. For example: Pressing and holding the filter button and then turning the filter knob to adjust the resonance on the fly rather than via menu diving.

With regards to the FX Frequency knob, I’m willing (and hoping) to bet it would operate in a similar manner as a high-pass filter, but instead of cutting frequencies for the entire signal it’s only cutting the FX. For example, if you wanted to keep delay FX from being applied to the low end frequency bands to prevent nasty phase issues with bass/low-end, you would position the knob around 10 o’clock. Essentially, it would work as the NXS2 Beat FX frequency buttons do, but through a single knob versus three static buttons. Just a guess.

While that may not enable you to focus on just mid frequencies, what’s not to say Denon won’t offer an update that would offer a notch or band shaped option for the FX Frequency knob? :slight_smile:

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I use the resonance knob on my MP2015 a lot (mainly between 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock). It makes a huge difference in sound, but that may be specific to that mixer (it has the best sounding filter on a DJ mixer EVER) You’re right about the Pioneer filter, though. It doesn’t sound too good, especially when fully turned up.

If the X1800 filter sounds like Pioneer, they can keep their resonance knob :grin:

Regarding the FX frequency knob I think it works like the focus knob on the XONE PX5. Check this video for reference - beware of the awful music :yum:

Thanks for the link :wink: So basically it applies a dipped curve on both ends of on the audio spectrum and with the knob the user moves the “spike” left or right. Like this:

And if I want to do it like this then I’m out of luck considering Denon did not implement a shift function that would do a “negative” action on the fx frequency… :frowning:

I understand what you mean now. And you’re spot on about mixer specific resonances–Pioneer’s sounds like hot garbage whereas Allen & Heath sounds superb. I’m still wondering why Pioneer didn’t utilize their Dave Smith partnership to equip the Curtis filter on the mixer…I suppose that will be the one “upgrade” they’ll hard sell for the NXS3. :wink: