X1800 full problem

Problem click and bad sound master and cue. This bug was fixed by the Service, The denon dj knew several such bugs, a splice had to be done. Error again.

After a repair it lasted 5-6 months. Now what is the repair ?? How they repaired you.

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It’s a known thing and a very easy fix to fix it completely. I’m sure they’ll fix it for you again. They’ll have a record of fixing for you 6 months ago. Send them an email and if you can mention any previous repair tag numbers that’ll help probably

if there is a known error, does the denon need to be replaced?

For such a issue I would at least contact the global denon dj support to make sure I get it covered if I need to send it

@JWiLL you mentioned that users can request help from you with that issue, but i cant write you a pm - new user issue?

maybe you can contact me? as I have the same faulty device behaviour!

Hi @xanthos84 - I just sent you PM to help you with your issue. Thanks!