X1800 Firmware Update?

Is there any date on a new firmware update for the x1800? I am waiting on some features that link the x1800 controls with Soundswitch. Seems like it’s been almost 2yrs since the 1.1.1 update.

Don’t hold your breath. Everyone and their mom is still waiting on an update for the sc5k. Haven’t even been given a date on that yet but it’s speculated that it’ll roll out when prime 4 launches. Haven’t even seen a “update coming soon we promise” statement from anyone regarding the x1800 so it may be further down their priority list.

i thought the Prime4 already launched.

The prime 4 has indeed launched, but many of us are waiting on the update for the sc5000 and x1800 combination

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lots of people are saying they still don’t know when they’ll be in stores though and that the shipping dates keep getting pushed back till mid May???

I am correct in the assumption that there is nothing new, if or when an update will be published?

You are correct