X1800 doesnt record on my PC with USB

Goodday my x1800 wont record on my pc with Multichannel (Denon X1800…) i cant record nothing. i want record my set from my sc5000 to my pc!

well tell us more. how did you set it up?

Yeah, we need more info on how you have it setup. For example, I record using Ableton and set my Audio From to “Ext. In” and then choose which channel pair I want (i.e. 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, or 9/10 (for Master)). But this is essentially the same theory for any program that can record. Just select your input recording device as the Denon channel you want and hit record. For example, 9/10 is Master, so if you select Denon 9/10 from the inputs (or audio from) list of your recording software, you’ll get the Master. If you tell us a little more about your setup and what software you want to record to, we can probably help a little more.

thnx alot for helping me out with the channel explaination 9/10 is indeed the master that’s i wanna know thnx u so much(sorry for my bad english)

@homealone what software are you using to record the channels 9/10 via USB?

Hey! Thanks for the tip on 9/10… that seemed to do it for me too (had the same problem). Only thing is that I can’t seem to isolate the single channels (i.e. only record channel 2 into ableton).

Glad 9/10 worked. I’m not sure if you’re on Mac or PC, but my PC, once the drivers are installed and Windows sees it properly, will show all the available channels in my Volume Mixer section. If you are on Windows, make sure they are all available within the sound management area of the Control Panel (trying to think of exactly what it’s called off the top of my head). On a Mac, yikes sorry man wouldn’t know.

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I have a MACBOOK but I can’t use it in OBS Player

Yeah, using a Mac so it might be a little tricky. I’ve tried to use the mixer for YouTube live streaming, but didn’t seem to work – even though I patched it to take audio from mixer. My guess is that it could be something with Macs.

OBS only sees audio channels 1/2 by default so I think you have to add new sources.

Apologies for hijacking, but can anyone shed some light on multitracking the X1800 into a DAW? I know I can select the paired channels I want to record, but the only DAW I have is an old copy of Reason I haven’t used for years which I was thinking of upgrading anyway. Or would I need a different DAW for recording? If I have to fork out for Ableton or something then I’ll probably just do a 9/10 Master recording with Audacity and forget the multitrack idea.

The multi tracking idea is probably more hassle than it’s worth. I’m not aware of anyone who does this. Since the individual mixer outs are pre fader / eq , you would have to record the mixer controls as midi data and then play back the crossfader and eq controls in the actual DAW. It would be very difficult to match the crossfader curve and eq type - so it wouldn’t sound exactly the same.

I guess my question is - why are you interested in doing this? Is there something specific that a master recording doesn’t get you that you think a multi track would?

I’m trying to link my x1800 to my laptop to record mixes via OBS so i can later live stream when i eventually get it working !! but when i record and then play back the audio it sounds like the track is speeding up and slowing down… its frustrating. Any help would be really appreciated