X1800 Does not save cue color settings

Hello all- I have a few more issues with my Denon equipment that I am finally getting to posting with video proof. Right here the issue is that the Denon x1800 does not save whatever color you set the cues to in the settings.

x1800: version 1.3 5000’s: version 1.4.1

What I set them to: ch 1 red, ch 2 green, ch 3 green, ch 4 red. Upon restarting the mixer: ch 1 green, ch 2 green, ch 3 red, ch 4 red.

This happens 100% of the time. The mixer remembers my FX order, but not this…so am I overlooking that the mixer is not supposed to save the cue color settings?

As you can see in the video, when I go to the cue channel settings to arrange them back to my original order, the mixer instantly previews to the colors I had originally set, but the colors don’t actually show up upon starting the mixer- therefore I have to change the colors back to what I want every time.

Any input? Thanks.

My first thought would be that the colors are received by the SC players (User Profile Data) and Engine Connect / Network not correctly set up.

Easy setup would be: Utility -> System -> Engine Connect -> set to Auto

Then check the UTP link ports on the back:

When your SC5000 Prime is connected to Link Port 1 on X1800 Prime, Layer A will use Channel 1, and Layer B will use Channel 2.

When your SC5000 Prime is connected to Link Port 2 on X1800 Prime, Layer A will use Channel 2, and Layer B will use Channel 1.

When your SC5000 Prime is connected to Link Port 3 on X1800 Prime, Layer A will use Channel 3, and Layer B will use Channel 4.

When your SC5000 Prime is connected to Link Port 4 on X1800 Prime, Layer A will use Channel 4, and Layer B will use Channel 3.

More on Engine Connect in System: Engine Connect: Select Auto to enable X1800 Prime to automatically receive timing and BPM information (to synchronize effect tempos) from SC5000 Prime units connected to its Link ports and to send track and user profile data between them. X1800 Prime will also automatically detect and configure each SC5000 Prime once you connect their Link ports. Select Manual to disable automatic linking and only activate this feature manually by pressing and holding the Engine Connect button until the Channel Assignment screen appears on the SC5000 Prime units. You can then freely assign each SC5000 Prime layer to a specific channel.

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Ohhh so use ports 2 and 3 to get them to match when using two decks. I read that in the manual and for some reason I started using ports 1 and 2 months ago for my two 5000’s, but it looks to be good now.

That’s interesting that the FX don’t properly line up when you use ports 1 and 2 for two units. Thank you!!

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The user data that the color options are stored in can be stored on each usb device you use in the players. If one of your usbs had the cue colors saved as your old favourite colors and a newer usb stick had your newer fav colors stored on it, saying “yes” to the load data question when you swap sticks will force the color change

It’s quite simple. Wherever you want layer A of a player on a channel, use that ethernet number for that player.

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Then where does layer b automatically go?

By default it’s a 1-2 and 3-4 pair on the mixer.

I use A1-A2-B1-B2 scheme, layers B did automatically show up on 3-4.

I use for example ( if 2 decks only) Lan ports 2 and 3 for layers A to be channels 2&3 and layers B to be on 1&4 on my x1800. All running digital in’s.

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