X1800 channel faders not working with VirtualDJ

Channel 1 and 2 faders are connected somehow, but do not work correctly with VirtualDJ.

I’ve made a video. Check it out here:

Midi mapping error. Check the mapping. If You have a backup of it, delete and import new. Test and let us know the results.

Hey. What am I changing the mapping to? Line fader or would it be some other setting? Thanks

First of all, if you are using a four channel mixer, then you need to use a four channel skin layout if you want to see everything you do on the mixer reflected on screen.

Second, VDJ has several choices of channel layout, as some mixers have 1234 layout. Others have 3124 and so on. Check that mixerOrder in the VDJ config is set to your mixer’s layout.

Tried both 2 channel and 4 channel layouts. MixerOrder is 1,2,3,4.

Best to report it over on the VDJ forum then, so they can check it out.

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Also, what is the point of midi mapping a external 4ch club mixer like it’s a cheap controller?

Just use the audio interface for VDJ output and save yourself the hassle.

What do you mean by for vdj output? Sorry. Confused

Mixer with audio interface is not a controller, you don’t have to map it to use it with DJ software.

Google difference between internal and external mixing if you do not know what I am talking about.

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Ah i see. Yea i agree though. Shouldnt have to midi map it. Idk what the problem could be. It acts like the chanel 1 and 2 line faders are stuck together or something

Ok, let’s take a different approach: what are you trying to do by mapping X1800 to control volume faders in VDJ?

That wasn’t my plan. That was someone’s idea to fix the fader issue. This is the problem here.

I think (as mentioned) you need to choose the X1800 only as audio interface for VirtualDJ. Choose external mixer mode. Map de decks to the channels. Audio output 1+2 is fader or channel1, 3+4 is channel2 etc.

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I’ll give it a shot. I need all the help I can get right now