X1800 and Audacity connection setup. I need help

Does anyone here know how to connect a X1800 to Audacity?

Cause the software keeps complaining about the sample rate, buffer length and try to connect a other device then the X1800.

I tried everything, but I cannot get it to work.

I need some help from someone who succeeded to do this.

A nice Tutorial would be also very useful for someone else I guess.



Mac or Windows?

Windows. I had problems with the Pioneer system before, but that was a firmware issue.

Did you make sure under Windows Sound (the little speaker) you have the X1800 master output channels selected as the preferred recording device? If memory serves me, I believe Audacity does not support ASIO. So you have to use WDM, DirectSound, or possibly WASAPI.

Been there, done that. But nothing has worked so far. I tried Ableton Live also, but it seems that the X1800 has some failures as well to connect it to record a dj set.

Have you looked under Windows Sound Recording tab to see the green meter of the outputs you want to record? Are they coming up with signal? Can you select the Listen check and actually monitor them without any software? I have recorded the X1800 in Soundforge and Wirecast. I think the one issue I had in this regard was the old drivers seemed to be still showing up at one point and I had to make sure I selected the correct ones. Under Wirecast it showed multiple instances of the same outputs from the X1800, and at least one set had no sound. I never record in Audacity. The only thing I use it for is very large wavs that need to be imported as raw, which after a certain size Soundforge has issues even after editing the raw file’s prefix section with a hex editor.

I installed the driver from the latest firmware update and that is the only driver installed since I got the mixer just 1 month now.

Well if you tried everything already, then it will be difficult to give “some” new pointers. What sample rate did you set the X1800 to? Try lowering it to 44.1 or 48k to be sure. Also, master out is input 9+10 on your computer. Do you even see this interface on the computer?

Don’t know what you mean by “seems to have some failures recording” because I haven’t found one yet.

We could have a TeamViewer session and contact in Dutch if you want.


Ok, what does the Windows Sound Recording tab look like when you’ve got everything hooked up and playing? Any of the recording meters lighting up as they should in Windows itself? Can you check “listen” on them when they are lighting? You need to go step by step from the mixer, to the OS, and then to the apps to narrow down what’s wrong.

I can listen to the music via my laptop when i connect the mixer to it through USB 1 or 2. I cannot adjust the sample rate on the mixer via the laptop, only in the utility menu of the mixer and that is set to 48.000. Then the bitrate on the laptop interface is set to 512. When I select the mixer as audio source in windows, incan hear my laptop over the mixer and the mixer over the laptop. Audicity only regonizes 2 channels of the x1800 which makes it really hard to which it wants to link. Ableton Live Intro is having a failure to load the mixer as well. I tried to manually change the Asio driver to the Denon version that is inside the mixer and came with the drivers for the mixer. But still no result. So when no one has a solution besides a teamviewer session, means I cannot record with the current software I always used to record my dj sets.

The bit depth and sampling frequency settings between the mixer and Windows should be the same otherwise you’re going to eventually get issues. I’m pretty sure you’re not changing the mixer’s sampling rate in Windows. 512 is probably just the buffer in Windows and thus the latency, which if you set too low is going to introduce glitches and dropouts.

Sorry, I’m not sure what else to tell you. Ableton Intro probably has stuff locked out. As I said, I don’t record into Audacity myself. I did find this that might be of use to you…


It is certainly possible Audacity could have device channel limitations, in which case you’d have to find different software than either of the ones you currently have to record the through the USB.

What kind of software does record from the x1800 the best? I need to do this only for promotional use. So uploads on mixcloud etc.

I’ve had no issues with Soundforge or the full versions of Ableton, though in the former it’s a little tricky seeing where you can choose the ASIO channels.

I record my sets on Audacity, no issues - connected through USB direct out of the X1800 into the iMac, just make sure that your sound input is set to USB and that the USB output of the X1800 is set to master, not channel.

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I use Rekordbox DJ to record my mixes, use the USB connection on top of the x1800 to my macbook works like charm.

I’d like to get rid of all the Pioneer stuff. Since I had more trouble with it then the Denon prime setup and Engine. But maybe to the DenonTeam a great idea to make a record feature in the Engine software?


Having difficulty getting audio from the X1800 into Audacity.

I’m getting nothing.

No sound is pushed into the Mac.

Edit: FIgured It Out with a German tutorial


That’s perfect because mine hasn’t worked since the last update to Audacity. Cheers for this.

Would you mind providing a short version of the steps for those of us that don’t speak German?

I dont speak German as well.

I basically looked at what he was doing.

  1. Connect X1800 to Mac using USB cable

  2. Audacity preferences, change recording device to X1800

  3. Choose 10 channels, I didn’t set playback device as X1800. I skipped that step. Exit preferences.

  4. Hit record

  5. Drop a banger

  6. Profit.

I think he adjusted Recording level in the X1800 USB Audio menu as well. I didn’t see what he changed it to.