X-fader option on my Prime 2

What is the X Fader feature with the new update? I’ve watched all the videos and I don’t see anything mentioning this.

Have you tried what it might do? Maybe enable/disable the crossfader?

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You are correct, and I should have been more explicit. I do understand that it enables/disables the cross fader, but in the presentations yesterday, all the presenters did not have that feature on that screen. Instead they had the Track Stop Time, like on the older version. Not sure if this is for DJ Prime 2 only?

Playlist Deck – Users can now assign a deck as a Playlist Player providing continuous playback with automated crossfading. The crossfade time can be adjusted in the Control Center settings menu. Playlist Deck is available for Prime 4, Prime 2, and Prime GO.

(Desktop and OS Downloads + Manuals | Engine DJ)

So I suppose the option turns the crossfader between the titles on and off, when playing in “continuous” mode (cannot test, device is at home).

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Very good answer! I’ll give that a try in an hour and report back

Just watched another review and it looks like you just go to the playlist and literally tap on “Play As Playlist” to keep it continuous. Makes sense now.