⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Wow! 5 Stars for Prime from Digital DJ Tips!

Yesterday saw the Official Press Release of Tiësto being the latest world famous DJ to change his rider to Denon DJ SC5000 and the X1800 mixer.

But, if that wasn’t enough to put the SC5000 firmly on the minds and wishlists of even more DJs across the world, Digital DJ Tips publish their full review of the SC5000 too, giving their highest accolade, a full 5 Stars

You can read the full Digital DJ Tips Review here, (Denon DJ SC5000 Prime Media Player Controller Review - Digital DJ Tips) but let’s give you some of the highlights…

Digital DJ Tips say:

“This is the singularly most impressive piece of DJ technology we’ve ever reviewed, and ushers in a new era for DJing. It feels like the best of everything else, all brought together; a new mature standard, and it pulls that feat off because Denon DJ has got just about everything right.”

“this system is already close to perfect.”

“it has every chance of shaking up pro DJing more than it’s been shaken up in years.”

"that touchscreen! It’s how touchscreens are meant to be. "

“Key Notation - Sharps, flats, Open Key and Camelot. This is actually great, because different DJs can choose what they’re used to; Pioneer players use standard notation which is not as friendly to non-trained musicians as Open Key or Camelot”

"a revolution, because it raises the bar for what any DJ media player should be able to do considerably, and immediately makes its competitors look somewhat inadequate "

“The elastic beatgridding is, in fact, the best we’ve seen - you can grid beat-by-beat, and beat shifts in difficult tracks are handled smoothly graphically, and sound great,”

"Exporting is smooth and works well, simply via drag and drop which is easier than the way it happens in Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox. "

“We felt amazed, unbelieving, vindicated, excited, and impressed!”

"managing to feel actually simpler than the current industry-leading kit - kit which it instantly surpasses. "

“sheer quality here: The touchable, smooth waveforms, the slickness of the workflow, the audio quality, the screen, the user experience.”

“We defy any self-respecting gear head to look at this, especially after a few minutes of playing with it, and not think “want”!”

"It feels modern, like you’re on the cutting edge, not clinging on to old ideas. "

“club DJs are about to realise what they’ve been missing”

"an “elegant solution is coming soon” for importing Rekordbox libraries, "

"Denon DJ’s Prime series is not only hands-down the best laptop-free DJing experience on the planet, it’s probably the best DJing experience on the planet, too."


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