Would a controller based on the LC6000 layout be a good idea?

We all know that Denon DJ no longer has DJ controllers in its current range and that they are concentrating on standalone hardware.

However, I think they’re cutting themselves off from part of the market. Some would say that Numark is there to fill this segment and although they make some interesting products, there aren’t really any controllers in the high-end segment of the market.

I was thinking about this and wondering why the teams didn’t come up with the idea of developing a controller based on the exact layout of the LC6000 for the deck.

When I look at controllers from different manufacturers I realise that there isn’t really - apart from pioneer - a controller with a “Club Standard” type layout.

That is to say, with a large full-size 8"/8.5" jogwheel, an asymmetrical layout, 100 mm pitch faders, in-line performance pads - in short, exactly what the LC6000 offers.

All that’s left to do is develop and design a central mixer section, make it available in 2-channel and 4-channel versions, and you’ve got a lightweight, easy-to-transport pro controller for those who don’t necessarily want to go the standalone route or who, for certain types of event, prefer to use a computer with Serato or virtual DJ.

I’m sure there would be a market for it and it would be very consistent with the current Denon DJ range.

Do you think a controller of this type would be interesting?

You could do a ghetto version now with a Numark Scratch and a custom coffin case. But yeah it would be quite cool.


That’s what I’ve done with a Kontrol Z2 rather than a Numark Scratch, not least because the coloured pads make it easier to find my way with the stems.

But the Kontrol Z2 is certainly built like a tank, but it’s also twice as heavy as a Numark Scratch. The modular aspect is really cool, but I have to admit that if there was an all-in-one controller with this type of design, even just 2 channels, I’d probably be a customer for such a product.

It would really make my life easier when I’m mixing in bars with my laptop. Some might say an SC Live 4 would do the trick, but the Sc Live 4 doesn’t have a full size jog and buying a standalone product to use a laptop for stems performance wouldn’t make sense.

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Ive thought about it in the past and i think the ultimate setup with LC’s would be a DJM-S7 with a pair, that way you can power them both off the USB hub in the back of the S7 and use a single plug and USB cable for the setup.

Not exactly light or cheap (maybe better off with a Rane 4 at that point) but would be a brilliant setup, with the ability to connect turntables too if needed.

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Just imagine what a controller with the layout of 2 LC6000s + a mixer with a DJM S7 (or even S5) layout might look like. It would be an absolute banger.

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Yeah 100%, tbh though i think something like a Rev 7 or Rane 4 is somewhere near, nice big platters etc.

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Something like this :smiley:


Ehm isn’t that an existing Rane product?

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It’s true that the Rane 4 is the closest thing to it but it’s not quite the same thing yet. I don’t necessarily need 4 channels, however additional performance pads on the mixer would be very useful to me (the stems + stemsFX pads on the mixer and the hot cues/loop/roll/slicer on the decks pads)

A 4 channel version would be royal but it seems difficult to me to have the space to put both 4 channels and at least 8 or even 16 additional performance pads on the mixer in addition to the effects triggers

With a Z2 the configuration is already very nice but it lacks the effects triggers.

However, the pads arranged vertically on the sides of the Z2 allow you to do cool tricks because your fingers are very close to the other pads of the decks and the play/cue buttons.

With such a vertical arrangement of pads on the sides of the mixer one could imagine a 4 channel version but that would make a controller as wide as an aircraft carrier lmfao

With the Prime 4, 4-channel mixer

Add the P4+ screen and the effects and microphones section and you get a Prime 4+ Pro :smile:

• DDJ-SZ is about 10kg

• LC6000 is 2.5kg

• X1850 is 7.5kg

What is better: one huge case that is 10-12kg (softshell or plastic) or two smaller cases that in total are a bit heavier?

My point is that, once you are in that category, controllers are no longer: light, portable and cheap.

A Rane 4 weighs 8.3 kg, so I think that in a one-piece chassis it should be possible to get a similar weight, at least under 10 kg which is still reasonable

I think what it needs is a Rane product supporting Engine OS. If it’s not with a screen on the unit, port EOS to iPad and allow it to be run over a USB connection.

Keeping it Rane hardware but with EOS is the best way. They brought Numark into EOS, I’m sure they’re not stopping there. I think the Serato/AT judgment may help with their next direction on what Rane does.


The merger between Alphatetha and Serato could potentially lead InMusic/Denon to develop a performance mode in Engine Desktop. This would allow them to stop paying for a Serato licence for future Numark/Rane controllers. If this is on the roadmap in the more or less long term, a Denon controller as mentioned above with a Club-style layout could make a lot of sense, I think.

So yes, some would say that Rane is already offering more or less something similar with the Rane 4, which is partly true. But even if Rane is very popular in the States and even present in certain clubs there, it’s not necessarily the case here in Europe where Rane is still perceived as being very attached to the hip-hop DJ scene.

So having a comparable product in the Denon DJ range would seem to me to be a good idea for reaching out to the European Open Format DJ segment or the electro scene who are almost all on Pioneer controllers because they like the Pioneer design.

Most DJs who mix in bars use products like the DDJ-1000 or FlX-10, which are commonplace here, but I see very few Ranes.

The LC6000s are the closest thing we have to a club-style layout.

The legal documents posted to the NZ commerce site have pretty much put that idea to bed as non-viable though, the Inmusic CEO stating its basically not possible, or something they are looking to do.

Opowiadasz głupoty że nie ma :slight_smile:

I think you misunderstood me. I never said the LC6000 doesn’t exist, I own two myself. I said that what does not exist is a controller with a mixing section + LC6000 on each side in an all-in-one product and which is not a stand-alone one.

A bit like a Rane 4 but with LC6000 for decks layout

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As an sc6000 user I could seen some benefits but I would rather it be standalone but it would be massive, expensive (by denons standards) and heavy so it probably wouldn’t sell well