Worth getting a Denon MC7000 now, in 2023?

my DDJ-SR has died, so want a semi-pro controller i can use for gigs w/ mic/XLR/booth etc.

just stumbled on a Denon MC7000 for sale – had never paid much attn to this model but specs seem perfect for my needs.

is it reliable? worth buying now, 7yrs after release? any advice, esp from owners, appreciated

edit: not interested in a prime 2/4 or sc’s… specifically enquring about this serato compatible model… thanks.

I still use one for some of my gigs. It’s been a good solid controller, apart from the fault below.

If it’s 2nd hand, check the play & cue buttons. …the plastic the microswitches are mounted on under the buttons tend to fail.

My play buttons have both failed. I could get it repaired, but instead i’ve swapped the midi mapping between the play & cue buttons. So now I use “Cue” as my play button, & just use the hot cues rather than the main cue button.

Once the cue buttons die as well, it will be time to get rid.

The 7000 is probably one of the most robust midi controllers going.

But it is only midi so, if the laptop goes pop or some forced laptop OS update renders its midi / DJ softwares unusable then you’ve got nothing as the 7000 has no standalone music options… it always needs a laptop.

Instead take a look at Prime 4 even though you said you didn’t want Primes , having two play modes (laptop and standalone makes a lot of sense , especially if you’re charging for the service you offer

It’s actually a standalone mixer as well, so saying it always needs a laptop isn’t actually correct… You could have a back up source (or two) plugged in to the line level inputs on each channel.

That’s why I termed it as not having “standalone music options”

A mixer is cool but needs music playback eg: a couple of phones , couple of iPads, cd decks, etc - the 7000 can be a mixer but it doesn’t have any music source/searching options.

But I’m just putting the idea out there re: laptop redundancy

Yup, rock solid. As the person before me said, only common issue is worn faders and that damn cue/play button plastic assembly which is better to epoxy than replace since it will just break again.

All the users I know still have it, works on all 3 major softwares and only needed like 2 firmware updates.

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I have the Mc 7000. Even after I fixed the play /cue button issues it still failed me again after a year. ■■■■■. So I picked up the Prime 4. Same issues play/ cue fails after two years of use Got the Guitar Center insurance and now replacing with the Flx10 when they come in. I still use the mc7000. Hot cue pads are all that I can do for now. But over all I still love the layout except for the loop. Wish it had more of a custom option. Gd luck