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Well, after a long time messing about with rekordbox and syncing to engine ( which is a hassle ) I kinda took the advice STU-C gave. Now, i create a playlist in engine dj, sync that to a usb. In the prime 4 i add cue points and after that I sync back to engine dj works like a charm. Now I really see the benefit of a standalone. Creating a playlist now takes less time, and is more fun if I am honest. Love this new workflow. Bey Bey, rekordbox. Only wierd thing is when you delete Tracks on the prime they repear at the and of the playlist. And when syncing from USB to PC engine says NO JOBS PENDING but it’s doing it’s magic in the background.


Great to hear Frank :+1:t3:

My own workflow has improved tenfold since sticking to strictly Engine too. I haven’t even downloaded Rekordbox to my new laptop yet :slight_smile:

Sure there is the odd glitch here and there but nothing that’s unmanageable.


If you are on wifi, you can wirelessly connect to the computer too to set cue points for engine dj desktop app.

True, and perhaps i will give that a go sometime. For now this works perfect for me. As said, i came from Pioneer started with a kiddy controller the DDJ-ergo. Just to see if dj-ing is something I would like. Then got a ddj-rr, after that a XDJ-RX2. When I saw the Denon prime 2 I saw a huge leap in quality. The screen and more bang for your buck. I was kinda hooked on rekordbox because the software is kinda amazing and complete. Rekordbox together with Engine not so much. Took the leap and said goodbye to rekordbox and now i am only using Engine. Must say that Engine is not as complete as Rekordbox but when having a prime 4 you don’t need the computer anymore. Love my new workflow and loving my prime 4 even more now.

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I think you will really like working the way Samuel suggested, it was added to Engine OS as way to prepare tracks on the hardware at home, bypassing all the exporting and syncing changes. Only downside is no track preview (it’s treated as streaming) and not possible to record using the onboard recording. :+1:

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Im hoping for wireless sync one day. That would be cool.

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I’ve just ordered myself a Pi Zero W to see whether I can hack together a solution for wireless sync - I resent carrying laptops / SD cards around the house like a man from the past :wink:

Can you please elaborate on that a bit more? How does that work?

  1. Laptop and Denon DJ Prime (2/4) are on same WiFi
  2. Then how to “connect” them?
  3. What can you do then? Remotely controll EngingDJ Software on my Mac Laptop via the Hardware controller??? <= that would be awesome!!!

Not control, just view playlists and download music for playing on the device over wifi… kind of handy if you’ve forgotten to sync before a gig.

This is only phase one of this feature though, I assume they’ll be adding other stuff.