Workflow Engine Prime first impressions

Honestly I love the Denon Prime Go Hardware and I am looking forward to work with the Go. But after two weeks I am still working to get everything done to get music to the go. First to copy and reorganize the Itunes Mediathek to a ssd to have a readable format then next prepare a sd card for the prime go. Seems there are some problems with some songs to get from the itunes mediathek to the sd. Guess in the end with some patience I will get the needed songs on the Go, after a little struggle I find a way to my existing Tidal account. Hope it will be smoother in the future. Before i worked with an IPad and a Reloop Console, no question the Denon is a more professional gear But on the Ipad with Algoriddims djay I could use the Itunes mediathek/playlist without worrying about anything, switch between itunes and djay and change something in a playlists was basically done in seconds. Of course the Djay software worked with my Tidal app without some extra log in. I only need a laptop to sync the Itunes which is simple done and everything on the IPad is ready to use. I looking forward when the preparations done to work with the denon prime go, but to be honest the engine prime software needs a lot of work and of course the Laptop is more needed then ever for preparation. Hope that if everything ready I can try it out soon