Workaround for missing channels level in PRIME GO

Well, then You do like many Dutch children on their first bicycles :smiley:

@kradcliffe Tell that to the rotary mixer enthusiasts that have only master out level meters on the mixers… (condesa, master sound, henderson, bozak and many more) They cost like 3 or 4 Primes go’s, and they don’t have channel level meters. People still want them and pay premium to get them.

Stevie wonder doesnt worry about them… and he is fairly good

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Realistically, 5 leds isn’t really much for proper metering, but I’m used to RTW’s so even the X18x0 to me is mwah as well.

of course you don’t need these features and it’s possible to do without them. But professional gear with a certain price tag should have it. I love the Go and learn to work with the limitations, as I most of the time use perfect mixed and mastered audiofiles on the same output level so it’s ok for the mic it’s a workaround with a sampler via aux that can provide the features I need if necessary But still some little eq and I would need no extra gear the Go is nice but some simple features and a better software solution and it would be perfect

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It’s nothing to do with being a fanboy. More to do with common sense and experience. I would’ve responded the same way if this discussion was about Pioneer kit, or Numark, or any DJ kit.

I can only hazard a guess that people claiming certain things are vital, essential, necessary and so on are either unaware of the existence of kit which doesn’t have every feature under the sun, or they just don’t have the knowledge/experience to manage without them.


Alex Kako doesn’t seem to be having any problems…

I have a prime go and prime 4. I use both just as much and to be honest after using the go for a year now, I can honestly say that I don’t miss having meters for both channels. You learn to live without it and can gauge the levels by listening. In fact i don’t even look at the meters on the P4 now either. Not saying that everyone has to see it my way but I don’t think it’s possible to bring in the channel meters due to it being more of a hardware restriction.

It shouldn’t really be a deal breaker but if it is then I’d advise to buy kit after doing all the relevant research and buy the kit expecting it to be that way forever without any enhancements. So many options out there in the market. For me Denon ticks all my boxes but if it didn’t I’d go for an alternative. It’s not about fan boys at all. Pioneer have some great units. We all like what we like.


You don’t know what you talking about! Better you change your work to PR because with the DJing you don’t have anything to do, or delete that post and I consider that you was drunk!

I prefer to watch the floor than spend half my night watching a few leds bounce up and down.

I thought i was losing the plot as i was trying to find the setting as I can see there is a setting on the Mixstream Pro I do not understand why this not available on the Go as it is a more expensive unit, hopefully Denon will address this as nothing worse than thinking you have EQ’d correctly only to find there is a massive dip in volume.