Workaround for m3u to xml conversion?

Did some searching on this topic and didn’t come up with anything. I’d love to be able to export a history file as an xml playlist file which I could then load into iTunes. Sadly, Engine Prime only offers .json, .csv, and .m3u. Anyone have a workaround? I saw some folks used to use Rekordbox but also saw that method may no longer work.

It’s been some time since i used iTunes, but i thought that is supported both the writing of and reading of m3u files, there is certainly information out there to support this.

Blockquote Apple’s free iTunes application enables you to play media files and manage your iPod, iPhone and iPad. … You can create an M3U file, which is a text file of a playlist or library that retains the way you have ordered your files. Use the M3U file to play your media files on a portable device or with another application.

It doesn’t appear to. iTunes 14 at least seems to require xml. I’ve tried importing m3u without success.