Wobbly/loose buttons

I have had both decks Cue and play button become loose and wobble in their sockets, sometimes rendering them unresponsive, now also one of the FX buttons has gone the same way, is this a known defect? unit has been cased from day one and never bashed about?

Sorry to hear of this problem, I would recommend contacting our support/service team directly to discuss service options. This is not a known issue.

Do you have a UK support number as I have the same issue with my play/cue buttons

Absolutely we would love to help. 01252896000

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I have loose rotary pots on FX 1 on both sides and a few others like bass/filter. These are the most used knobs on the unit but in 6 months they was quite loose and wobbled.

It would be good to know if I can get them tightened. Is it just a nut? Or is it the entire stem?

The thing is I leave to work on a cruise ship in two weeks and won’t be back for four months. Hopefully it could be done when I’m back? It will be just over the 12 months by then but I’m writing this here as I won’t have time before I go.

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Where in the world are you based MrWilks? (when you’re not on a cruise ship) :slight_smile:

Hey Paul, I’m based in Skegness in the UK.

When I’m on ship I’m all over the world (luckily!)