Wireless Mic Issues

Dear Denon, You have made an amazing controller but a few things are an issue for me as a mobile wedding DJ. The most important is the issue around using a wireless mic. When the user has the mic close enough it works ok. But as soon as the user holds the mic back, it cuts out and is intermittent. I am assuming the noise gate is set too high internally. Is this something that will be fixed soon?. I am unable to use my unit for weddings as we all know the average speaker has no idea how to hold a mic.

The second issue is not being able to hear the mic through the headphones. As this what i thought a standard feature on all boards and controllers, i really do miss it as i need to hear guests speaking and MC ques. Thanks for your help



NEither of these are unknown to denon. Both queries have come up before, with occasional process updates from denon.

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Hi @djtiamo

Sorry to hear of the trouble!

We are aware of the issue and will release a software update to resolve the issue as soon as we can.

Thank you for your patience.