Wireless DMX

Goood evening P4, P4+ & SC Live 4 owners!

Just curious if any of you had a chance to play with the “EUROLITE QuickDMX USB Wireless Transmitter/Receiver”?

I’ve seen SoundSwitch compatibility page, and that the Engine OS doesn’t officially support (not confirmed IMHO) third-party dongles.


It supposed to be the simplest RS485 <=> DMX interface. What is inside that magic SoundSwitch USB dongle? Anyone have tried to disassemble it?

Anyhow is it that hard for Denon to add the most popular Vendors to the list of supported devices? Why we’re pushed to use one specific piece of scrap (mean that SoundSwitch DMX interface) if there are so many alternatives?

Thank You for your time! :pray:

Denon DJ and SoundSwitch are both owned by InMusic, so it’s only natural that they’re looking to promote their in-house DMX solution.

What’s inside? I’ll bet an FTDI FT232RL.

But it could run custom firmware, and even if it isn’t there are many, many, many generic boards out there that may not reliably implement the reference design.

If you were Inmusic, you might prefer that it only runs with the version of the board you make, test and control, to be assured that in a professional environment; it works.

Probably a mix of making money and having not to deal with third party compatibility issues. If some other companies change the inside of a dongle, the team has to test it again and so on.

SS is pretty nice piece of software, to support it with the 40 bucks is ok. I also get 3 months for free at the beginning to test it, so on the market it’s a fair deal for me.

I think your best bet for wireless DMX on these devices is going to be some kind of artnet to dmx box. I’ve had a lot of luck connecting to my PC as an artnet server and messing around with custom software. I’m all new to this technology though so take my recommendation with a grain of salt.