Windows or Mac OS?

I’m going to keep this short so there is little chance of me coloring the outcome.

For your “Disco computer” (whether it stays at home or goes gigging with you) which platform is it on?

Disco computer OS
  • Windows
  • OSX
  • Both

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I hate Apple for their price and restrictions but can’t deny that I haven’t had to deal with the BS of Windows in years since switching to a MBP. I also have friends that have been running Serato on an Air for years and DJ every single weekend. Much more affordable.


I am an “oldschool” Macbook Pro 2015 user (the last ‘good’ one with great keyboard, ports, replaceable SSD and that glowing Apple logo :slight_smile:) combined with MacOS Mojave (never change a winning system). It’s still running great with Serato and my DDJ-SX, but I want to switch to the MCX8000 or maybe Prime2. I would still require my 15" screen for weddings.

I am fascinated by the sleek Dell XPS 9500, finally they returned to an actually more useful 16:10 and an overall great design. However, Win10 needs lots of tweaking (bloatware, drivers, updates…) and I don’t like the GUI in general. Macbooks are really just plug and play, with really low DPC latencies. Hard to choose what system I go for next :thinking:

I am on my second Mac since 2011. I will never touch a Windows machine again unless they are stable!

I like Lenovo too. I think they used to be IBM manufacturers but now make their own names laptops.

I liked the Lenovo socket idea for pulling out the CD drive and being able to add a third hard drive where the cd drive was. That suited me a lot.

My Lenovo i7 at the moment keeps fighting the display brightness setting. The laptop lid screen seems to flip-flop between the brightness that I set it to and another brightness about 10 percent lower than the one I set. So it’s always going brighter for 2 seconds then simmer slightly for 2 seconds over and over again: I think it’s two different power saver settings fighting but it happens even when I’m running on mains electricity, not just batteries.

It’s good in all other functions though

What about iOS? :crazy_face: