Windows MCX8000 driver breaks

I recently started using my MCX8000 with Serato after having great success in standalone mode.

I am using a windows 10 laptop (clean installation of windows 10 x64, 16gb ram, i5-1035g4, plugged into ac power), Denon 1.05 windows driver is installed and Serato Pro 2.4.6.

I was recording a mix using serato’s record function and at some point I got severe clipping, and noticed the level meter was deep in the reds, nothing was touched and it was impossible to get it to stop clipping. No amount of adjusting the levels (channel gain, faders, switching channels) would return the playing back to how it was mid song. I gave up and chalked it up to some unknown glitch that hopefully wouldn’t return. I went ahead and turned down the USB latency to 1056ms, turned off auto leveling (previously set to auto 92db), shut down every other unneccesary background process, and tried again some time later.

This time it did the same thing at about 60 mins into a mix, mid-song, I may have been playing with the other channel with the headphones, but it certainly started again, I could hear it on the master out as well as in the headphones, levels in the red unable to get it out–the audio didn’t sound any louder just clipping. This time I went into the settings for serato and audio and went into the latency (while the song was playing) made an adjustment to the latency which briefly resets the MCX8000 driver, the clipping stopped and the sound returned to normal. I’m attaching a clip of the recording. Clipping occurred on all active outputs (master out/headphones) and level meters showed reds both on the MCX8000 as well as Serato on the laptop.

This leads me to believe that there is a bug in the 1.05 windows driver.

That is a powerfull laptop it should work fine. I have half or even less powerfull laptop than that one and I don’t confront those issues. These are my settings try them to see if they work for you. also I have the latest firmware and driver for the MCX8000.

Forgot to mention this on my settings:

MySettings.bmp (540.8 KB)