Windows Driver MC4000

Is there any reason this unit has a Windows driver as the MC6000mk2 does not?

To my understanding, they both need drivers, but the 6000 probably is already supported by Windows and loads its driver automatically.

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Hi @Rapid,

Happy to help!

@BradG is correct. Virtually any device you connect to a computer will require some form of a driver. Windows and macOS will have generic drivers built-in that some devices are designed to use (this is when a device is considered “class-compliant”), however in some cases these drivers are not sufficient enough and an additional driver is provided to fully support all product functionality. Usually, product-specific drivers will have less latency depending on how much is being sent back and forth between the controller and computer.

With that said, the MC6000MKII still has an additional ASIO driver for Windows (stands for “Audio Stream Input/Output”) which we recommend using for the best performance. As you can imagine, transferring an audio signal between a controller and the computer takes a lot more effort than only sending MIDI, so product-specific ASIO drivers help guarantee everything runs smoothly.

The generic audio drivers built-in for macOS are much better and usually sufficient on their own, which is why you may see controllers that are class-compliant for Mac but need drivers for Windows.

I hope this makes sense! Let me know if you have more questions :slight_smile:

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