Windows dont detect Prime 4

Hey everybodey, I’m not able to connect prime for in computer mode to serato. Denon Prime Control Panel says, that the hardware is connected but serato don’t find an device.

My computer is also not able to find my Prime 4 in Update mode. The windows updater says, that the device isn’t plugged in and control panel also don’t find the device.

When I plug the usb cable into my Laptop the connections sound works.

Got the driver from denon download site. (Windows 10)

Have you installed the driver and during that process, disconnected the controller? Install and then connect your controller.

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Thanks for your reply but this didnt worked.

I updated serato dj and now it recognizes the prime 4. But screen of the controller always shows the computer mode loading screen. Can just use is as midi.

OK. Try to restart your computer with no controller connected. After computer is up and running connect P4. Wait til P4 is in standalone mode. Go to Source and make it computer mode. Start Serato and it will function. I just did that on my windows computer and though it’s not activated for Serato I get the program functioning.

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Problem stays the same. Serato is running, controller is working. The screens of the jogwheels showing up the serato logo, but main screen stays in the searching mode.

Computer also don’t find any device while trying firmware update.

Maybe there is a technical problem with my controller. (Bought it yesterday.)

Ok. Try to get in contact with your supplier. They can help you with your problem or contact Denon and make ticket with their technical support. Or try a ticket with Serato. They are very helpful but they only during office hours. I usually use my Macbooks but I have it up and running on my Win10 computer.

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Thank you! Gonna do this

Hey DjxAntos, I am currently having connectivity issues between the Prime 4 and my Windows laptop as well. The hard drive connects but not the screen or the audio inputs. It used to, but now neither show up in windows device Manager and Serato doesn’t load onto the prime screen so I know this is an older post and all but if you see this and if you could, please let us know what happen? Was it something that you were able to fix or did it need to be sent in? Hopefully you got the issue resolved and also found out what was causing this. I had the main USB portB 3.0 key broken exposing the pins, it would connect just fine but when it jiggled and lost connection it killed the partition on the internal hard drive. Thankfully I keep everything backed up. Got the replacement usb from the spare parts suggestions and brought it to my local computer shop to have it installed. But now the computer just sees the hard drive and nothing else. I reinstalled the Denon 4 windows drivers, shut down the computer and the prime 4, disconnected the USB then reconnected, started everything back up, same issues​:sob::sob::sob: I brought it back to the repair shop to see why, hopefully he figures it out. I bought two USB ports just in case thankfully :pray::pray::pray:

You need the Windows-driver (Software downloads, manuals and documentation - Denon DJ) . Download, Install and then connect P4.

I have the same issue tryed to connect my prime 4 to serato pro as was wanting to see what this stems is about but the windows drive doesn’t install correctly for me it come up with a prime4audioerror so gave up after two days of trying and googling but still can’t fine the answer

Hello not sure if you ever solved the problem or not but I had a similar problem and what I did was I bought a new USB type B 3.1 connector online. I then took my with connector you fix it place. I was charged about 150 bucks for the install I had to bring it back a second time however because you didn’t connect it up properly the first time at only some of the functionality what’s there. I checked it before leaving that time and everything was working great and still is to this day. So just putting it out there that if you haven’t figured out the problem yet maybe your port it’s bad it’s bad. I hope you’ve solved your problem by now but if not I hope this helps