Windows does not see internal hardrive

My windows pc can not see prime 4 internal hardrive. After connecting blue cable and turning unit on I selected pc icon and the option was computer mode, after this nothing happens and on the pc can not see prime 4, downloaded windows driver and prime /engine are up to date. New to this, any help appreciated

Did you format the drive before you put it inside the Prime 4?

If not, then Windows Explorer won’t show it. You need to use Computer Management to see an unformatted drive and format it to exFAT.

Hi PK, No i didn’t format beforehand, i have looked in disc management and can not see it in there

Try another USB port or computer (if possible). Disk Management should always see the internal drive.

Thanks Reece, I took it out of prime4 and formatted it, everything ok now, can see it in explorer and disc management

Weird. Prime4 should act as an external USB drive cage (so to speak). Even when the disk is unpartitioned or unformatted.

Glad it’s solved!

The drive was partially formatted, only had to fix the storage bit

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