Windows 11 Issues with Prime 4 controller Virtual DJ

Does anyone know if there will ever be a permanent fix for the Prime 4 and Windows 11 in the near future. Time and time again using Virtual DJ on Windows 11 there are several glitches that appear over and over again. One such glitch is after loading up a song onto the platter in this case number 2 it will just shut down not work until you reboot the system. Interesting enough on another job when looping when the loop was removed it would skip to he next que point. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Not had any issues with Prime 4 & VDJ on Windows 11 here.

I’d suspect the laptop at this point.

The prime 4 is a BIG controller for a lot of laptops to run (like a car pulling a trailer with alot of heavy items in it… where a controller without 3 colour displays, without a sound card, without 4 channels etc as an almost empty trailer)