Will there ever be a stand alone controller that will play videos

I’m looking at the new prime 4 and it’s looks amazing but sadly I’m still gonna have to you software to work as everything I play is video. I know I can play the audio track from a mp4 with prime but would be great if I could also output the video. The computer inside the new controller is more powerful than my laptop I’m using to vdj on so I can’t really see a reason why a video card can’t be added too. I would make it the first stand alone unit to play video.

I’m in the same boat too, 99% of the files I play are video so my MCX8000 Engine stick is purely for audio backup only.

To be honest VirtualDJ does a fantastic job at outputting video so I would be hard pushed to change … but if a standalone unit came out with video support at a reasonable price point then you never know.

Denon still have a lot of work to do refining their current SC5000 units firmware and also Prime itself, so I can’t see video being on the development radar in the short term.

I find the fact that Primes can recognise, load and play video files already very a very promising leap forward toward DJs using pro kit in the booth instead of laptops.

Of course, the Primes only play the audio from the video files loaded, but just getting the video file loaded is perhaps a hint that Denon might be considering video playback on future evolution of Prime.

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Over the past 2 years I’ve replaced all my music via a video subscription site. I hook into bar TVs and use a projector and screen at most other gigs. I think Denon have missed a trick here, as a lot of DJs like me are moving to video. Would help mobile DJs who do Karaoke gigs also, and on that note a third mic input would be an added bonus.