Will the legacy downloads ever be available agan?

I don’t wanna brick the prime 4 with 1.6 (potentially) 1.5.2 is not available as a roll back if it happens. I didn’t keep my old downloads (foolishly) Please, and good natured person can provide a 1.5.2 download if it hits the fan? Thanks

Hi Jamm,

I still have version 1.4.1 and 1.5.2 for the prime 4 and also the prime go. Let me know if you need it. 1.6 is in mine opinion a stable firmware for the prime 4 en definitely for the prime go.

Greetings, Stefan

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that is very kind of you thank you. i got the new version on the go and it seems pretty stable … i can’t think why denon pulled the old versions down although i see that the site was down for maintenance maybe links will be put up again. i will keep them in future and not rely on them

Hi there, after a firmware update to 1.6.0, my Prime 4 now shows this message: "The following peripherals did not come online during boot. (controller and mixer). In an attempt to solve the problem, I would like to roll back to 1.5.2. Unfortunately, I lost my windows installer for that. Booting from an USB image is not possible since none of the keys of the P4 is working. Moreover, the Denon site only shows version 1.6.0 and I did not succeed in solving the problem with that version. Does anyone still have the 1.5.2 Windows installer?

Kind regards, Mike

Hello Stefan, I am desperately looking for firmware 1.5.2 (Windows installer). I just saw that you still had 1.5.2 available. My keys are not working anymore so I cannot tell the Prime 4 to boot from a USB image. Do you have the Windows installer version available for me?

Kind regards, Mike Splithof

Hi Mike,

Unfortunately I only got the USB installers for prime 4.

Here is a link ( wetransfer) in case you need it. If the link doesn’t work, please let me know.

Greetings, Stefan

@stefan.hartmans Thanks!! For the 1.5.2. Was able to download…Been having issues with Filters with 1.6 and not sure if anyone else has noticed…My post here - Filter knob sensitivity with firmware 1.6

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Hi Stefan, can you also give or sent me the 1.5.2.Update ? The link on wetransfer is down.

Best regards Jens

Hi Jenzos,

Here you go

Greetings, Stefan

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With the firmware coming out faster now, but with more problems in each one, shouldn’t Denon include a file containing the last working version of the firmware with each new firmware release. (Two separate files) ?

Shouldn’t users have enough common sense to keep any firmware files they download, so that they can reload earlier versions if necessary?

why bother when they were always available on the site? it isn’t a question of common sense. its a question of a previous resource being made unavailable

The answer to that should be obvious. They’ve been removed, so now those who didn’t keep their downloads are posting asking for people to send them files.

Even if they were still on the site - what if the user has internet connectivity problems, or is away from internet access?

They’re not huge files that take up GB of drive space. Deleting them has no benefit.

As I wrote earlier, if they removed the old firmware versions they must have had their valid reasons, I don’t think they did it to spite us users.

well its obvious now. obviously. the point i was making was somewhat rhetorical. up until this point there was no reason to bother. the fact they were removed caught me off guard. [obviously] I wasn’t the only one.

maybe they were running out of disk space? I wonder what the reason was…

It’s always been obvious.

Files/data/information stored on a remote site isn’t necessarily always going to be there.

Sites come and go. Software comes and goes. If you don’t keep stuff that you download, it’s at your own risk. The download may not be available tomorrow.

That applies to anything and everything on the internet. It’s not exclusive to Denon firmware downloads.

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Maybe there was some change to database layout which was a one way change only. There was a old post on this forum about that from a couple of firmware upgrades ago.

If prime users were going to get problems going backwards maybe that’s why the older firmware files were taken off. Are the files for older firmware still gone from the denon site?

i disagree in this case.

turns out 1.6 is pretty solid for me . not the case for some other poor souls who thought the same.

sounds like you are a careful person who did not delete old copies of firmware . why waste calories on calling them out and instead offer a copy to them ?

You disagree that web sites can disappear, and that the content of web sites won’t necessarily be there forever? That’s what I’m saying. You cannot rely on things always being available.

That’s not the solution. People need to learn to keep backups.

But it’s also the responsibility of the company to at least provide the current and most recent version of the software for current products and even ones going back a few years. It doesn’t cost them anything to do so.

There have been issues with Denon downloads for years, and it’s got worse under in-music. Big companies just lose focus on individual products.

The whole world is online now, just because you keep backups of everything doesn’t mean other people do as well.