Will Prime 4+ support Resolume via StageLinQ?

I have recently upgraded from Prime 4 to Prime 4+. Unfortunately, Resolume doesn’t pick up the StageLinQ data from Prime 4+.

TRIODE’s “Now Playing” does work, so I guess that StageLinQ is available in Prime 4+ and I can rule out network level issues.

I’ve addressed the problem to Resolume support and they told me it’s a known issue which DENON is going to fix in Version 3.3.0.

Can anybody else either confirm the issue or, in case you’ve got Resolume Arena working with Prime 4+, report back to me?

Also, if anybody from DENON should happen to be around, it would be good to get an official statement regarding the issue.

Hi @r2.fm - There is fix in place for the next release.

Thanks and hope you enjoy your Prime 4 Plus!

Awesome news! Any ETA? (I know, it’s a stupid question probably, but we’ve got a gig coming up where we’d love to use the Prime 4+ but it requires Resolume integration.)

Update to 3.3 now available (including Resolume fix).

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