WiFi what will it bring?

Question for Denon

With the great news yesterday about prime units being able to stream via WiFi what future updates can we expect ? Update firmware by WiFi ! Load tracks to hard drive ! Also an issue I would like to raise is most if not all streaming services state you can not use their streaming service for public entertainment, how have you got around this ?

Hi @Uk79mod, thank you for your question.

As I’m sure you can appreciate I can’t comment on future plans but as you’re already mentioned there are many possibilities for WiFi enabled hardware for DJs!

Watch this space!

I assume they will add a feature like Pioneer has where you can play/stream music from a phone over wifi.

I think one of the great possibilities is having your main collection at home on a NAS and talking out a “core” selection with you. If you need one of your more obscure tracks you can browse your collection at home and get it instantly.

Also, by having a WiFi connection it is possible to use it to manage files on a HDD/stick using Engine Prime. Being able to manage that 1tb HDD in the Prime 4 will be a breeze when you can just throw a few tracks to it when needed.

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Yes syncing files with a nas to the built in HDD would be amazing!

Could I use my phone’s Wifi hotspot as a point of connection for my Prime4? I have unlimited data so that would be nice.

Or one of the WiFi modems the mobile shops are selling would do it I would have thought.

Yeah, a WiFi hotspot would be perfect. I’m also on an unlimited data plan and it would be perfect.

Looking forward to it as Tidal will be better for me. I’ll be able to use it on the Prime 4, Serato and build playlists on my phone.

im already a SC premium member. I know that the compression is not ideal but for small house parties and the rouge events we throw in my town, nobody gives a ■■■■. Its the perfect party machine in that if you are semi comfortable with a controller you could just jump on and find songs. I love everything about this and bar waiting until mid June im super stoked


Great question @LASER_RANDY, I’m hunting down an answer for you!

Great that WiFi is available. Having the p4 hard wired to a router. How would that work also needing the link port for soundswitch?

i assume since the P4 will be connected to a router, the computer that is running soundswitch will also be connected to said routher via wifi or cable. then it all works out.

I used to work at Beatport and didn’t want to give away any trade secrets until it was officially announced, which it was recently - Beatport is now offering Beatport Link, a subscription service, which will later be integrated with hardware such as Prime 4 (potentially) and certainly Pioneer gear. To get to your “locker” to download or stream music you need a wifi connection. That is absolutely the #1 reason for wifi in controllers and will become the norm. For now, Beatport Link is designed for home DJing and is not meant to replace having actual downloads available for offline playback at a club, but it’s coming. This is the world we will soon live in - subscription services + an online storage locker + offline downloads.

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If it’s WiFi you need get a mobile router I have one but make sure it the provider has good signal near you