Wifi problem

at this point I report it as a bug! in version 2.2.2 with prime 4 the wifi no longer connects to the iphone! all android connections and home routers work! only the iphone gives me the message wifi lost connection! I tried to redo the update in all ways ota windows macbook usb sd card and the problem remains! if I go back to 2.1.2 it will work again! does anyone have a solution?

I have an update! if I use an iphone 6s ios 15.1 the connection to the hotspot works! instead the iphone that does not connect is an iphone 11 ios 15.5!

fa piacere che in questo forum si discuta di cose banali come le forme d’onda impilate ed altre stupidate ! invece quando c’e un problema serio come il wifi che non funziona tutti pronti a rispondere !