Width & depth (foot to foot) of the LC6000 & SC6000?

I know the specs of the LC6000 & SC6000 can be found on the website, but what I’m looking for is primarily the depth of the two units, measured from the front of the front feet to the back of the back feet (I’m sure that the actual depth is deeper than the physical footprint of the units).

I’m using a Jaspers Stand A-frame keyboard stand for these units, so I need to make sure I have the right size (width & depth) holders for them. Thanks!

IIRC i made my stands 32cm deep and the feet overhang slightly at the back… im not at home right now but will measure the LC when i get in if it hasn’t been answered by then.

LC is not as deep as SC:

I show the LC, front foot to back foot is around 13.5 inches

I show the SC is about 15.25 inches front foot to back foot

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Width of LC and SC, foot to foot is the same, looks like 12.25 inches

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Awesome! I have 40 cm holders, do that should be perfect. Thanks all!