Wi-Fi is disabled

Hello, I have a problem with Wi-Fi adapter. In Settings I have Wi-Fi ON, but the list with Wi-Fi is empty and there is only message Wi-Fi is disabled. How to solve the problem, please?

@Milos I assume when you say wifi is on in Settings you mean Settings → Device → Wi-Fi is green (enabled).

If so, then how does the top icon look in Wi-Fi listing?

Have you tried tapping the icon on the top right of the screen.

Sure this happened on my Go a couple of times. Although the WiFi was on in settings it was disabled on the screen.

I tried several times. Wi-Fi is still down. The list is empty and the instructions to turn on Wi-Fi are still lit.


That’s really bizarre. Is this Prime 2 or 4?

Its a Prime 4 @Milos have u tried to reset device? From control panel u have an option to reset all to defaults.

Also, reinstall firmware is my second thought.

Wifi has work before or never? Maybe it’s a faulty unit. Hope not and u get your Prime 4 working in a while.

Yes, I reset the device to factory settings. I reinstalled the firmware four times. Nothing helped.

Sorry to hear this.

Maybe downgrading to 1.6.2 then upgrade again? To discard hardware malfunction.

Downgrade to 1.6.2. (video). After upgrade to 2.0.1 the problem remain.

Probably the wifi module is faulty. Time to call Denon service.

Hope get your device working soon. @JWiLL maybe can give you some advice.

Thank you very much for your time and help. I’ll send the device to the Denon Complaints Center.

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Tagging @Anthony_DDJ as well. Might be faster. :sweat_smile:

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Thanks @Reese ! @Milos - I’m happy to look into this for you. It sounds like you need a little more attention from our tech support team. Please feel free to DM me your information (email, phone, name) and I’ll get you sorted.


Hi, I also have a problem with prime 4 Wi-Fi stopped working Miloš Can you please write me how you solved this problem?

Hi, I sent controller for a complaint and received a new piece. Nothing that is recommended to try (tech support team, upgrade, downgrade, restart, etc.) helped.

Thank you very much for the answer before buying prime 4 I was warned about their failure rate … How long did it take for them to send you a new piece?

I returned the controller to the seller as non-functional.

Are you from Slovakia?