Why the sc5000 takes so long to analyze a file that has not been passed by engine on the laptop?

why the sc5000 takes so long to analyze a file that has not been passed by engine on the laptop?, because it must read the entire file to mark the bpm? because I can not dial the CUE before I finish creating the whole waveform ?. They can make one can mark the CUE immediately and read faster a file that has not gone through ENGINE on the laptop … I have two sc5000 units and it is painful when another dj brings a pendrive that has not gone through engine on the laptop … and the amount of time it takes to analyze and the CUE can not be dialed immediately …

please update the internal sc5000 software to improve performance

“Takes so long” compared to what other media player?

No other media player analyzes so this player is it’s very own benchmark.

I am with S_Anderson on this one. No other player offers you that feature.

I think I should have an option not to create the waveform, and that I simply detect the bpm and let me mark the cue where I want without having to go through the analysis, the waveform is not necessary in many cases. Please consider that or at least one can mark the cue before the analysis ends because it takes a lot and that is horrible for many dj’s

Seems kinda pointless to ask why a x number of times slower processor inside a SC unit is slower in analyzing a track than a intel i3, 5 or 7 series CPU inside a PC.

An option not to create a waveform would save just a few second I fear because the unit still needs to analyze the ENTIRE track for bpm info. But, maybe Denon engineers can do something about inability to use main cue before the analyzing process is finished.

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I have two dns-1200 units and it takes a couple of seconds to detect the bpm. Because the sc-5000 that is supposed to be much higher than the dns-1200 has to get the full track to detect the bpm? it’s stupid. I do not have a sc-5000 prime to have to depend on going through the laptop to avoid waveform analysis, it is not necessary in my case, it can not be possible that a technology 10 years earlier is faster than a current one. .Please make the necessary adjustments so you do not have to depend on the computer when you do not want to

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Then why are you trying to stir up trouble?

On your dns1200 the only piece of information that the player is trying to work out is the BPM, just a 3 digit number and a decimal place digit. Simple enough for any piece of gear from 1980 onwards to work out just from the audio in the anti-skip buffer.

The SC5000 isn’t just looking for a BPM number. It’s analysing 4 to 5 minutes worth of waveform data, the musical/harmony key of the music, the beat grid locations as well as the BPM.

If your DJing technique doesn’t allow for 5 or 6 seconds of analysing time then it’s time to enhance your DJing technique. That’s not meant in a “improve” way or in any way saying that you’re not good enuff, just suggesting that you build 6 seconds of spare time into some part of your evening to make use of the phenomenal computer power inside the decks.

Some pointers: A track can be analysed at home, or even during a long track that’s already playing an hour, couple of hours, 10 mins or 1 min before you need to load it and cue it to play it. Once you’ve analysed it, it’s done - you never have to do it again.

Every other player deck out there you’d have to either analyse the track through a laptop at home or just work with the track in an unanalysed state. You’ve still got that option or wait 6 seconds


Annnnnd…Time out.

I think that some users will really enjoy the next firmware update for the Denon SC5000 Prime.

Allowing thread to cool for a few days.


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