Why still no Auto Gain option?

I recently got my Prime 2 and as a totally newbie user and dj I’m puzzled migrating from Pioneer / Rekordbox ecosystem. Why there’s still no option for Auto Gain when analyzing tracks? It’s been requested by the users for ages and it’s such a basic function. I can’t see any reason why not to have it as an option to users who’d like to use it.

I totally get experienced and more sophisticated DJs will use their ears, and flawlessly match all levels without the need of any Auto Gain, obviously sure. And some will use 3rd party software to get their library adjusted, yes.

But why to exclude such a basic functionality and even users have requested it for several years now.


“Basic” is in the ear of the beholder.

As you say, there is a request for it, so maybe it will get added, if it can be added. There are older unfulfilled requests though, with more votes, so possibly with wider appealing, or more sort after functions.

Yeah, true that :slight_smile:

What I mean with “basic” is that most of the Denon competitors have Auto Gain implemented in their software; Serato, Rekorbox, Traktor, VirtualDJ, so it looks to me as a “basic function” to have.

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…and those are software DJ programs. The Prime series are standalone players.

It could be said that it’s more “professional” to leave the adjustment of gain to the DJ rather than have some automated system take a guess at it.


Yep and some standalone players are using the mentioned software a similar way Denon is using Engine Prime, right?

If a software guesstimates a gain, it doesn’t rule out the possibility for a user to adjust or tweak it manyally too if needed or wanted when playing. Right?

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Learn to use your ears and vu meters, they will serve you well in the long run.


Definitely, I agree 100%, learning to match volumes using metering and ears will absolutely be beneficial and serve a dj well in a long run. Like does learning manual beat matching etc.

That’s not my point here though.

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Of the four you mentioned, only Rekordbox is a library preparation software, for use prior to exporting to standalone hardware. The Pio standalone hardware is also capable of playing unanalysed tracks, but it doesn’t have auto gain (AFAIK).

As you’ve posted here, are you requesting auto gain on the Prime 2 hardware?

If you’re prepared to adjust manually, then what’s the issue with adjusting manually? :grin:

I’d suggest that most legally sourced tracks should already be optimised well enough that they should only require a slight tweak now and again. If you’re doing your own ripping then adjusting gain should be part of that process.




Requested it a while back.

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