Why is it not possible to change the Arts in the software?

Hello, Why is it not possible to change the Arts in the software?

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I have no clue, I think it is ridiculous that it cannot be done.

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Agreed - and yet every time you open Engine Prime it says “Update Missing Artwork: Processing Album Art”.

Really? What exactly is it doing, Denon?

Surely if it was doing something to the missing artwork (downloading, adding), eventually it would stop because every track would be updated.

It’s crazy because some are more organized than others, so it poses a workflow problem. It has taken me two years to find a workflow that works when PRIME should be our one-stop-shop.

Currently, I am using Kid3/Meta > MIK > Sarato > Engine PRIME.

Kid3/Meta gives me the ability to auto find album covers and superb flexibility to edit tags. MIK gives me auto cue points to save time. Serato is pretty good with accurate Tempo. Then after all of that, we have to import into PRIME because it can barely do any of that well.


This is not an organizational problem, it makes the work easier when I use only one software. Other software can do that, why not engine?

If we could take the artwork out of the 5000’s, there would be more space for song text.