Why is ENGINE PRIME renaming track?

Hi Guys Is anyone having this issue with ENGINE PRIME!!!

I add tracks to my collection and they appear with a different track name. The track plays perfect but the tag info is wrong… The cover art is correct for the track but like i said the tag info is off.

The track in this case is NEW ORDER - TRUE FAITH as you can see the cover art is correct for the track but ENGINE decided that GEORGE MICHAEL - FAITH would be better. (LOL) This is not the only track its happened too. When I check the track info in iTunes everything is perfect. As in all tag info is correct.

Has been reported previously.

Guess we’ll need to wait for the next update for a fix.

I know! and I understand its the first edition of ENGINE PRIME but when we don’t hear any feedback from DENON (which would be nice) it feels like our post are been put on the long finger.

It’s the same issue with MCX8000 firmware and such. Software development is handled globally and it’s not possible to give out actual dates for releases.

I now this doesn’t help but there’s no-one on here who can give you any more information.

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This behaviour has been passed to our development team some weeks ago, when the original post about this was made.

Typically, the longest that a posts content would not be forwarded to the development team would be when the post was put on the forum over a weekend. Feature requests are collated/grouped and passed on weekly.

Please remember we are here to help as best we can - we have a full team of official Denon DJ tech support experts, Admins, and Marketing looking at this Forum, and where possible (although more limited in numbers) over weekends and evenings too. Regarding your other point, as you rightly point out, software improvement/developments land when they land and we all do our best to keep you as best informed as we can regarding expected dates. We are on your side :slight_smile:

@Jayos "I have over £6000 invested in their equipment (2X SC5000 & X1800) and the software that pulls it altogether is awful"

Sorry you feel the software is awful - could you elaborate further on specific points you have issue with and we’ll assist you on a more non-general basis. Also, @Gee_DenonDJ is correct on your OP topic, this issue has been logged weeks ago via a separate thread and now with our Dev team. Best Paul

Thanks Gee for the feedback. It’s nice to know something is happening and thanks Paul for the reply.

The issues I’m have with ENGINE PRIME are as follows:

  1. When I connect my ext hard drive to ENGINE on my PC it does not show up in the USB section. Therefore I cannot use this drive with the PC, which is my main Work/DJ computer. But when I connect the same hard drive to a MAC everything works perfect, apart from the iTunes update feature. Some tracks are missing from my collection. I’ve used the MAC to load my 2TB hard drive with 50k of music, but when connected to the SC5000 1. it doesn’t share between the two player and 2. The search feature is really slow. One of the main reasons I switched to the PRIME setup was the fact the promo vids on the net stated that “You can connect TERABYTES of music to the player”. I’m a mobile jock with a large music collection if needed. Another reason I switch to the PRIME SYSTEM was I wish to get away for the Controller/PC setup.

  2. When adding tracks to ENGINE PRIME the tracks are been renamed (example above).

  3. Tracks are jumping playlist, as in a track is added to a House Playlist but it is also added to a Drum&Bass Playlist.

  4. The Beatgrid is not alway correct on some tracks.

I have been onto DENON through email about the hard drive issue but they say the same thing as the guys on the forum "Format to FAT32, make sure it is set to MBR" I have done all the setup properly and I’ve even tried two different HD but no joy.

I know ENGINE PRIME is only in its infancy and that there are great things to come, but these glitches are turning me off ENGINE PRIME and that is why I feel the software is awful. Sorry for my choice of word Paul “awful” but like I said before after paying a over €6000 on gear, one would expect better performance from the software that pulls it all together.


Yes, I’m having some of these issues just recently. I download all of my music from BPM SUPREME and haven’t had ANY issues whatsoever on the song, tag info and then I do the update on the latest firmware and it screwed up ALL of my music… now some of the titles are just REALLY MESSED UP and I’m NOT going through ALLLLLL of my music/music videos to have to correct this issue… DENON…I REALLY HOPE Y’ALL CAN AND WILL CORRECT THIS ASAP!!!

1- your drive may be mac formatted, that’s why it doesn’t show on PC.

Two years… ■■■

5000 songs and no search pb. It is not slow

I think you’ll have to buy ssd disk, hd disk are too slow, old technology

We are advised by Denon DJ to use no more than 10000 audio files on a removable storage, in order to keep the combined database files size under 2.4 GB, when we intend to use the SC5000 players in shared mode.

Furthermore, after database and audio files are exported to the removable storage device, ensure that you make your files contiguous.

Yep :+1:t3: With 5000 songs no problems

Nope… it’s strictly PC and formatted for the DENON ENGINE PRIME software formatted at FAT32

You don’t need to go through all your music correcting titles. Just revert back to the backup of your music library which you made before upgrading, as instructed to.

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extfat ! better, but as I said, no pb with 5000 songs. Searching the entire library takes less than 2 seconds.

There is no such thing as exfat32. It’s either fat32 or exfat. The latter is the recommended choice.

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That’s what I was talking exfat. Fat32 is not indicated for large files/libraries

You can safely use the FAT32 filesystem on removable storage devices up to 2 TB, as long as you make shure that non of your files are bigger than 4 GB. One very good thing you can do is to make your files contiguous everytime you perform database update or maintenance. Furthermore, if you want to use your removable storage device on Pioneer DJ equipment also, it is recommended to keep the FAT32 filesystem.

That’s why Pioneer is obsolete technology too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: