WHY is Engine DJ using 90% of my RTX 3080Ti GPU?

I’m baffled. Is this happening for anyone else? Engine DJ is minimized, and has only been open for about 4 hours.

Windows 10 Pro 21H2

Engine DJ 2.4.0

3840x2160 desktop resolution with 150% UI scaling on a 120hz display.
Engine is running maximized usually.

Can anyone offer any ideas? This is ludicrous.

Hopefully not unauthorized crowd sourced mining of crypto currency on users’ GPUs, because high direct watts usage and associated cooling costs money, not to mention lowers the lifespan of the card.

Yes, Windows is awful at managing this kind of stuff. I use it at work and my old W8.1 machine would spend the first hour of its day on 100% memory usage, for no reason whatsoever, and I couldn’t find a single solution for it anywhere.

There we go, badly made software shows that it’s… well badly made software.

The usage values of 84% of the GPU with Engine Dj… you were analyzing your library, right???

No, this is in a totally idle state with the app minimized to the taskbar. A fresh launch of the app pegs the GPU at over 50% with no CPU usage at all. Something is seriously broken.

Ok ! :flushed:

I have an old MacBook Pro from mid 2012 i7 dual core 2.3ghz and 16gb of ram with an old not very powerful graphics card an NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M with 512MB + Intel HD 4000 1536MB - resolution reaching 2560 x 1600 pixels or I created a Windows 10 BootCamp partition and it’s still running like clockwork for now!

I must add that on a Mac laptop, Engine DJ tends to activate the fans and drains the battery, even in idle state. I haven’t looked at CPU/GPU usage yet, but a GUI that uses a gaming development framework instead of an office application framework is not new in DJ software (Traktor for example)… but that also means that the window keeps refreshing even when nothing is happening…

Strangely on my old mac it doesn’t change too much with Catalina! The autonomy of my Mac from 2012 and currently 3h47 and if I let Engine Dj run by analyzing the 9000 titles and browsing the net, viewing or watching short videos, the autonomy increases to 2h33. The Os have something to do with it too and without forgetting to perform a basic or high-performance optimization of the computer. On the other hand, indeed… the latest version tends to solicit the ventilations more quickly than in the previous versions.

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Mine doesn’t do any of that, 2015 Macbook Pro with dual core processor and 8GB of RAM, even when exporting music to the SSD it sits there without going into overdrive.