Why can't I use the Computer Mode?


I switched from Pioneer to Denon this week, specifically from a DDJ RZ to a setup of two SC5000 and one X1850. Surely you ask yourself why this combination? This is because I bought the SC5000s as a used factory, however the players look like I was the very first owner and bought them brand new and you couldn’t beat the price. However, I had to buy a new X1850 because the previous owner switched to the SC6000 and wanted to keep his X1800.

Now to my question…

Since I don’t always want to prepare a stick with tracks that I like at the moment, but also want to play a few tracks from my entire media library, depending on what i like to play, I wanted to try the computer mode.

I wired it the way I saw it in a YouTube video, but the computer mode with Serato was demonstrated there.

I downloaded Engine Prime to my MacBook Pro, set everything up there and added my music library. Then I plugged the USB Type C adapter, which has 3x USB 3.0, into my MacBook. In the adapter I have now used the three supplied USB type A to type B cables. I put a type A in each of the USB Out ports of the SC5000. I plugged the other cable with the type A connector into the USB 1 connector of the X1850.

I set the upper channel selection to USB 1 and I also set the input selects to USB. The players are also linked with LAN cables in the X1850. Unfortunately nothing happens, the players try to load the computer mode all the time, but nothing happens.

I have the current firmware version 1.6 on the X1850 and firmware version 2.2.2 on the two SC5000.

Can you help me by any chance?

I also took pictures of my wiring, if I did something wrong please point me out.

I ask you to ignore the tangle of cables, as everything is temporarily connected until my DJ table is delivered.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Engine DJ (Desktop) don’t run in computer mode like Serato. It’s a preparation only software


Just to reiterate, you’ll have to use Serato or Virtual DJ. Otherwise you can just Engine (desktop) to prep our music and use the Denon Prime hardware with a USB drive, IMHO try using your gear without a computer, you’ll be surprised how great it feels not being shackled to a computer.


Are you using your Asio control panel open it first the switch mixer to computer mode then open virtual DJ should work anyway but that’s the best way to make sure it can see your mixers drivers Denon and Virtual Dj are like Peanut butter and jelly they go well together. Make sure your mixers software is up to date as well. rave on :wink: MM