White line above the beat counter

I ask you lucky owners of SC6000 (but it is also valid for SC5000), what is the white line that is generally lit above the 4th beat of the beat counter (green lines)?

The instruction manual does not mention it. In all the videos I’ve seen on youtube, that white line is always stationary on the 4th bar, while the other 4 green ones below move, obviously.

So I ask myself: what is this white line for?

For use with master tempo over 2 layers/decks.

If you set 1 layer/deck as master then the white bars will move with that track

It was what I imagined it would do, but in the various videos I’ve always seen it still. When does it stand still?

When the master layer/deck hasn’t been set.

With SC6000 / 5000 how do you set the master deck since there is no “master” button like on Pioneer?

Perhaps just Google for an SCx000 image. :wink:


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@JonnyXDA @Reese Excuse me I was confused! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :relaxed:

It seems like a useful feature, but who knows why I’ve never seen it work in videos. Look at this for example: https://youtu.be/hkGlTn5XBkw or https://youtu.be/Tz4BzIpbwts or https://youtu.be/ZeJz3bJgMuU

If you don’t use SYNC, the top bar will not move.

And then again, if you’d want to use it, it would be more useful when it’s a phase meter with the vertical lines (there’s an old request for that).

Forgive me if it may be a stupid question, but if I press SYNC on my Prime 4 then I don’t care to see the alignment of the beats because the two tracks will be synchronized automatically; does all this also happen with SC6000?

If even with SC6000 the slave track is automatically aligned with the master track when SYNC is active, then what am I interested in visually seeing the beat counter showing the green line aligned with the white line? If they are in SYNC, the two tracks will surely be aligned.

Yes, yes, I had read it. It would be a great useful feature. I’d also like it on Prime 4.

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Depends on the SYNC type. You could have bpm sync, but not both on the downbeat.

I never use SYNC, so I cannot really comment on the visual bars’ usefulness. :smirk:

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I don’t use SYNC either, but in some cases it would be better to be able to visually see if the deck is synchronized to the master, when for example you are not listening to that deck with headphones.

Let’s say we have 3 playing decks, one with a base, another with the vocal and another with the track at the end, it becomes useful at a glance to see the decks one by one if they are synchronized.

That’s why we requested auto master and that static bar to move irrespective of sync status.

I believe the longest playing deck is the master in Pioneer.


Yes, I had read this too and it seems right to me.

Sometimes I wonder why Denon DJ could not simply “copy” from other manufacturers only the good functions they have inserted, instead of inventing different solutions which must then be changed.

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