Which type of microphone to use with this controller?

I have purchased this controller not to use as a mobile Dj but more to create radio type programmes which I am hoping to record through Serato’s full version and then post on MixCloud soon hopefully. My set up is almost ready but I need a microphone for the talking part. I had an old dynamic stereo Sony microphone with double jacks and I purchased an adaptor so I could feed it into the controller as 1 jack. However I am not happy with the voice output result finding that the signal appears to be low, even when boosting the gain and I have to really have my mouth in contact with the razor like grille to get some better sound! Maybe the microphone has had its time but I am not qualified to judge on this to be certain it’s the case. What would anyone recommend? I seem to understand that condenser mics would not work with this controller, right? Ideally I would want to get some mic in the style of Golden Age Project D1 or D2 which I would be able to fit on a desk support, radio studio style. Would I get the result I want knowing that in my set up the monitor speakers are in the same room? Many thanks.

Correct, they require phantom power on the input. I have no experience with the mics you mentioned so I cannot comment on that but I do know that some users reported having problems with hi output mics because of gain staging on the controller (mic volume too sensitive, high signal even at 2/10 volume) and because they don’t know about mic pads.

My recommendation would be to feed the mic first into a small PA mixer for better control (EQ, FX and gain), either before or after the controller in the signal chain.

thanks for the feedback, I will see what I can do though I’d rather not want to invest into another piece of intermediary gear in this instance. I’ll start with looking for the posts about what people have contributed with reference to the problem you have mentioned and when searching for a mic I’ll take care to check and compare each product output as to avoid the excessive high signal through MC4000.

First of all: I agree with SlayForMoney. Getting a separate mixer for the kind of thing you want to do would be the best option. While the mic implementation of the MC4000, with 2-band EQ and a bit of preset echo is fair enough for mobile DJ’s and certainly better than most of the competition, it is just not up there for doing broadcasts imho.

I would seriously suggest you look into getting one of these:


While the investment would be 125 euro, you’d save on buying a phantom power injector (minimum for a decent brand is 70 euro or so) if you want to go condenser. For the latter, the best price/performance would be for a Rode NT1-A kit (which includes the necessary shock mount and filter) at around 155 euro. Lower price is possible (the Audio Technica AT2020 at just under 100 euro comes to mind), so the choice depends a bit on budget. While they sound great, condensers ar a fair bit more sensitive, meaning they will pick up background noise sooner. Close-mic-ing a good dynamic mic might then be a better option (Rode has a very nice one for around 80 euro).

Back to the investment. You’d pay a little more, but the pay-off would be huge. You’d get a true microphone channel with a very good Yamaha mic preamp and a nice long channel fader, pad on board should you have a very high output mic. It offers software you can run on your PC/Mac to set the compressor and EQ settings, as well as the FX. This tool is pretty awesome. It offers some studio-like options like 4 or 5 band parametric EQ and fully configurable compressor settings. You can easily add your controller by plugging it into the aux channel. It comes with an LE version of CuBase if I am not mistaken. This will allow you to record the master output in high quality. You can then do some post-recording to it should you feel the need before sending it out. It is designed for podacsting and webcasting, so live shows can be done as well. And it’s USB powered, so not an extra power adapter for your crowded outlet.

Hope that helps some. Contact me for more info if you like. I have the AG03 that sits on my desk as my regular sound card with my KRK monitors plugged in as well as my MCX8000 and a set of extra headphones.

Thanks, this options sounds pretty good for what I want to do, indeed I would have to review my budget to get the AG3 and the mic with its desk support in the spirit of the example shown in the AG3 promo video. Now, I had not mentioned that I have a Roland VM3100 digital mixer, would there be an option for me to use this? I let myself being a bit overcome with all the connections so I would appreciate your help to guide me through. I currently have the MC4000 wired to my PC of course for the use of Serato then its sound master output goes to my Roland mixer via 2 balanced cables. This is then linked to my Pionner Amp and speakers. In this configuration, I expect I would not be able to record my voice intervention on Serato and be part of my mix if I was to plug a mic in the Roland, right? I’d have to get the Roland wired back to my computer. Maybe the AG3 sounds a more appropriate and simpler option?

For size and simplicity I’d go with the AG03. Also, unless I am mistaken, the VM3100 (nice mixer btw) does not have direct USB connection to computer right? Or you’d have to go through ADAC card or something?

Look here to find different types of the microphones, their characteristics, advantages, and drawbacks. Here are the microphones which are well-known of expensive brands, as well as budget variants that will be affordable for everyone!

I’m going to close this 3 years old topic. Thanks all.